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    Zabamoto, Hanzo [Finished]

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    Zabamoto, Hanzo [Finished]

    Post by Aaron on Tue Jun 29, 2010 2:13 pm

    ~General Information~

    Name: Zabamoto, Hanzo

    Nickname/Alias: ---

    Weight: 165 lbs [74.84Kg]

    Height: 6' 1" [185.42cm]

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male


    On Duty
    Hanzo's uniform consists of black pants that end just above the heel; the green flak jacket of the Hidden Leaf village, worn over a black long-sleeved shirt, worn over a long-sleeved mesh under-shirt. He wears his Konoha headband tied around his left arm. At the belt of his pants rests two Ninja tool pouches, one on both sides, where several different tools are kept. He wears black sandals and wraps his feet in white bandages. A variation of this uniform may consist of a black short-sleeved shirt, worn over a short-sleeved mesh shirt and possibly the absence of the flak jacket depending on the climate he might enter on a mission.

    Hanzo's casual attire consists of a traditional Japanese style, male's Kimono which is a dark green with a deep gray trim. He usually wears a white sleeveless shirt underneath of this and wooden Geta upon his feet. Alternatively, he may choose to go barefoot from time to time.

    Hanzo possess a care-free persona, for the most part. This thought process and personality are projected to their fullest in several scenarios. An example of this could be seen in the fact that Hanzo is not quick to anger. If a team that he were part of failed at some point in their mission, or if someone simply spilled their drink into his lap during his lunch, Hanzo would be one of the last people to scream about it. He tends to let things slide off his back and then the issue is forgotten. As a result of this, Hanzo is very forgiving to his friends and allies. He believes in giving people a second chance. However, there is an exception to this rule of his: Hanzo will not forgive those who attack or threaten his village or its people, in any manner. He is shows no mercy to those who deem themselves enemies of the Leaf.

    He is like any other human being however, and does suffer from the occasional mood swing. In these moments, Hanzo is still rather laid back and shows his irritability by simply ignoring the situation before him or perhaps walking off, if he finds that to be his best option. Like any human being, Hanzo is capable of feeling sadness, happiness, joy, and disappointment all within an hour. What defines Hanzo is the way in which he handles these emotions, just as it defines each person. Even if the young man is overly saddened, he will try his best to keep himself in good spirits. He may try to keep in the company of his friends at such a time, or simply find something to occupy his mind. On the other hand, if Hanzo is over joyed by something he will not hesitate to express that feeling, but not in an overbearing manner. From time to time, the young man has his slip ups; the occasional harsh word, a shout of excitement, perhaps even a tear. Throughout all of it, good and bad, Hanzo is nothing more than a human being.

    Some of the people around Hanzo tend to mistake his attitude for an overly cheery one, while others assume that his care-free outlook reflects upon his view of the village. Thus in his youth as a shinobi, a lot of people tended not to trust him and thought he was unreliable. With the passing years, Hanzo has come to prove that his care-free way of living does not extend to his duties of aiding in the protection of the village. He stands firm in the face of the enemy and would gladly give his life in order to protect a comrade or Konoha. With all of the seriousness aside, Hanzo knows how to take it easy when the time is right. He is by no means one to decline the company of others. Infact, he would much rather enjoy his free time around his friends and comrades. He can be rather talkative if the situation has stimulated such, especially when he is around close friends. He holds each of his comrades in high regard and respects them equally. Hanzo relishes in the fun times that he can spend with them, as these are few and far between at some points.

    Overall, Hanzo's laid back attitude rounds out with his own personal Will of Fire and makes him a very likable person. He will protect the village, laugh and love with those among him, and live his life the best he can.

    ~Clan Information~

    Clan Name: n/a

    Kekei Genkai: n/a

    Clan Symbol: n/a

    Clan History: n/a

    Ability Summary: n/a

    ~Rank/Village Information~

    Classification: Jounin

    Letter Rank: A

    Village: Konohagakure no Sato [Hidden Leaf Village]

    ~Skill Information~

    Skill Specialty:

    • Main: Ninjutsu
    • Sub: Taijutsu

    Elemental Affinity:

    • Main: Suiton [Water Release]
    • Main: Raiton [Lightning Release]
    • Sub:

    Special Characteristics:
    Hanzo has exceptional chakra control due to his constant training. Also, as is to be expected, he is well versed in using his Water chakra nature change and applying it rather quickly. This makes him great at using his water release techniques without using extra chakra. However, his lightning release techniques are not quite up to par with this, though he is training to get them there.


    Name: Kawarimi no Jutsu [Substitution Technique]
    Rank: E
    Element: Ninjutsu :: none
    This jutsu lets the user quickly switch places with another nearby object, such as a plant (normally a section of a log), an animal, or even another person within reach using the Body Flicker Technique, the moment an attack hits. This creates an optical illusion, making the enemy think the attack was successful. The user can then use this confusion to escape or launch a counter-attack. Exploding tags can be attached to the replacement for an added surprise.

    Name: Henge no Jutsu [Transformation Technique]
    Rank: E
    Element: Ninjutsu :: none
    This jutsu allows the user to transform either themselves or another object into the appearance of another person, animal, or object. This is one of the basic jutsu taught at the Konohagakure Ninja Academy, and most shinobi know this jutsu.

    Name: Shunshin no Jutsu [Body Flicker Technique]
    Rank: D
    Element: Ninjutsu :: none
    This jutsu is a high-speed movement technique, allowing a ninja to move short to long distances at an almost untraceable speed. To an observer, it appears as if the user has teleported. A puff of smoke is occasionally used to disguise the user's movements. It is accomplished by using chakra to temporarily vitalise the body and move at extreme speeds. The amount of chakra required depends on the overall distance and elevation between the user and their intended destination.

    Name: Kage Shuriken no Jutsu [Shadow Shuriken Technique]
    Rank: D
    Element: Ninjutsu :: none
    An extremely simple technique where two shuriken are piled one onto another and thrown simultaneously. However, depending on the way it is used, it can prove its absolute efficiency. The trick is to somehow draw the enemy's attention towards the upper shuriken. Then, they will have to deal with the path of the lower shuriken which is hidden. If the enemy notices both shuriken, the technique ends up losing all of its efficiency.

    Name: Kage Buyō [Shadow of the Dancing Leaf]
    Rank: C
    Element: Taijutsu :: none
    A technique where one follows the opponent, closely matching their body's movement, just like a leaf that dances in the air is followed by its shadow. The technique begins with a swift upper kick that will launch their target into the air. It is mainly used to position an opponent into a vulnerable aerial position. This move by itself is harmless, but it is usable as a stepping stone for a great many powerful jutsu. That said, it also has a rather high degree of difficulty.

    Name: Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu [Water Clone Technique]
    Rank: C
    Element: Ninjutsu :: Water
    The Water Clone Technique is similar to the Shadow Clone Technique except it creates clones out of water. Like other solid clone techniques, the clones can be used to perform tasks the user is unable or unwilling to do for themselves. The range of the clone is limited however, as it can not travel very far from the original body. Additionally, water clones only have one-tenth of the original user's power. Like other clone techniques, if the water clones are injured enough they will revert back to normal water.

    Name: Suirō no Jutsu [Water Prison Technique]
    Rank: C
    Element: Ninjutsu :: Water
    This jutsu is used to trap a victim inside a virtually inescapable sphere of water. The only downside to this technique is that the user must keep at least one arm inside the sphere at all times in order for the victim to remain imprisoned. This jutsu can't be performed without a sufficiently large body of water to supply the water for it. Despite the fact that the prison is made up entirely out of water, it is stronger than steel. Once trapped the target is unable to move while within it due to the heaviness of the water. Even so, the target is still able to speak. Depending on the stamina and chakra control of the target, they may or may not be able to breathe for very long however. Water clones can be used in preparation for the jutsu, by blocking an opponents attack and trapping the attacker in the prison using the clone's own water.

    Name: Suiton: Mizurappa [Water Release: Violent Water Wave]
    Rank: C
    Element: Ninjutsu :: Water
    Water gushes out from the mouth like a waterfall and washes away the enemy. One can freely control the power of this technique with the amount chakra one releases. Having many variations, this is a basic Water Release technique.

    Name: Suiton: Suiryūdan no Jutsu [Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique]
    Rank: B
    Element: Ninjutsu :: Water
    This technique shapes a large amount of water into a giant, powerful dragon, which hits the opponent with formidable might, dealing physical damage. The ideal place to use it is near a body of water, but if the caster's skill allows it, it is possible to use it even in a place where there is none. That said, the amount of water used will be in proportion with the caster's skill. This jutsu needs forty-four hand seals to use the jutsu. However, an extremely skilled ninja could lower this amount through training.

    Name: Raiton: Gian [Lightning Release: False Darkness]
    Rank: B
    Element: Ninjutsu :: Lightning
    The user kneads chakra in their throat and after the proper hand seals, emits lightning in the shape of a spear from their mouth, which then pierces the enemy. Its destructive power is great enough to even pierce through rock, meaning it has a high killing potential. The user can increase the number of spears to attack multiple enemies. This makes it hard to evade.

    ~History/RP Sample~

    History/Background Story:

    Birth Arc
    Zabamoto, Sanosuke and Zabamoto, Kikumonai had finally had their first and only child when nearing their old age. Both shinobi had already reached their 40's and not once had either of them set their minds on retiring until the birth of their son. Kikumonai retired almost immediately when she had become pregnant and Sanosuke had followed suite when their son Hanzo, turned four years of age. Thus did Hanzo have the privilege and the joy of seeing both of his parents nearly every day of his childhood. And oh, how he loved it. At the time Hanzo was rambunctious. This trait that seemed to be part of every child at one time or another, couldn't have come at a better time in his life. He was old enough to know that his father and mother had been shinobi and this was something he looked up to. However, he was too young to realize what being a shinobi really meant, especially with the state of the world in these dark times. As such, the boy's fantasies and child hood dreams consisted of being a great ninja with his parents and beating up the 'bad guys' and running around the yard and the streets, blowing things up with his pretend Jutsu. He did all of his pretend ninja games without the consequences of death and hatred, perfect for any child of his age. He was a happy child and his parents felt so blessed to finally have a child of their own and so they didn't get mad at him when he made mistakes and they tried their best to instill their mannerisms and teachings into him, wanting to see him grow up to be a fine young boy. For the most part, it worked.

    In the coming years, the boy's happiness hardly ever faltered. It became apparent that his pretend ninja games had started to create a spark in the boy. This became very apparent when he asked to hear his parents stories of missions and battles nearly everyday. Young Hanzo loved each and every story, but was still young enough to go off and try and imitate them in his fantasies after each one. There were times when he got into a fair bit of trouble around the village while playing, as was to be expected with any child. His pretending would get out of hand when around others and he might accidentally run into someone or break something important to another person. Every scolding his parents gave him seemed to be effective but because of his father's patience, the young boy was always forgiven rather quickly. This would be something that Hanzo would never forget about his father.

    As he grew older and reached the age of eight, his interest in being a shinobi became genuine and his parents prepared to put him in the Academy of the Leaf Village under the tutelage of the fine teachers there. They did worry a bit for the young boy for several reasons, most of them being nothing more than parents not being able to accept that their child is growing up faster than they wish. However, they had also noticed that Hanzo had inherited his father's care-free attitude. Sanosuke recalled how it had been tough going through the Academy because of the way he was, and so the Zabamoto's fretted over the progress of their child. However, when the time came, they would soon see that Hanzo would do just fine.

    Academy Arc
    Only a few months after his eighth birthday, Hanzo began to spend half of his days around peers and young kids that would grow to be his comrades, and the other half with his parents. Hanzo would come home from the academy everyday and talk about what he had learned with his parents and then listen to the stories that his day would generate from them. Hanzo would pay much more attention to his parents stories than he did to the lessons in class, but all the same he progressed just fine. He became quite an excellent student in that he would learn rather quickly. His instructors noted that he seemed to have a knack for Ninjutsu and had the potential to be very versed in Taijutsu was well. Hanzo struggled with simple Genjutsu illusions and even the dispelling of Genjutsu. He was not alone in this struggle however, as many of his classmates rowed the same boat.

    Hanzo took a liking to nearly every one of his peers almost immediately, and they took a liking to him as well. He also looked up to his instructor as well and because of these seedling relationships, Hanzo and the rest of his class cheered each other on during the exercises and tests. There was nothing more between them but respect, childhood friendships, and friendly competition. Thus did Hanzo's time at the Academy continue in this manner and although the care-free attitude of his father began to show hints of itself, the young boy came through in the end. Four years at the Academy and the time had come to turn Hanzo and his fellow classmates into full fledged Genin. Hanzo's parents, now older and fully gray, attended the graduation ceremony and spoke with his instructors. They were indeed very proud to have passed on their legacy as shinobi to their son.

    Genin Arc
    Almost immediately Hanzo was paired with two other Genin from his class and assigned to a Jounin who would become his teacher from now until the Chuunin Exams. Hanzo's squadmates consisted of boy his same age by the name of Inuzuka, Asura and a young, beautiful girl from the Hyuga Clan: Hyuga, Ren. The three of them would eventually become very close as a squad. Their Jounin Sensei, an older man by the name of Motomori, Baancho would began to guide them in more advanced ways of the Shinobi. He took the fundamentals of what they had learned in the Academy and applied them in real life scenarios. Thus did the team take on several low ranking missions that included a lot of community service. This frustrated Hanzo at first, as he was young and believed that he was more than capable of handling a real mission.

    As the squad continued their missions Hanzo and Asura started a subconscious battle for the attention of Ren. Hanzo, with his ever-growing, care-free attitude seemed to be at the short end of the stick every time when it came to vying for the Hyuga girl's attention. There were times when he got depressed over the fact that the young girl seemed to like Asura more. Eventually it came to a point that Hanzo asked his father how best to gain the attention of a girl. His relationship with his parents had grown ever stronger now, and he felt that he could always talk to them about anything. Thus did his father tell him that he had won his mother's attention with his care-free, upbeat attitude, and didn't try to flaunt around her. Hanzo took his father's words to heart and would eventually adopt an even more care-free outlook about the situation.

    Several months after their graduation, with much friendly competition between Hanzo and Asura for Ren in between, the squad finally took on their first real mission. Hanzo, now a 13 year old Genin was very excited indeed.The squad was assigned a C-rank mission that involved escorting a financial representative of the Leaf Village to the Hidden Sand Village. The squad was ultimately successful in escorting the representative to the Hidden Sand, but when the time came to return, disaster struck. After crossing the border and returning to the Fire Country, several Missing-Nin attacked the squad. This resulted in an unavoidable skirmish. The three Genin proved their worth in battle, despite their fear. The fight escalated when one of the renegade shinobi took the Leaf Representative hostage. The representative's life would be taken if Baancho did not submit to giving them his own. Faced with an impossible situation, Ren took a most tradgic chance, trying to free the Representative from the renegade shinobi on her own. This act cost her her life. The casualty sparked a flame in the the men of the Squad and they overcame the opposing shinobi, killing each save for one whom they took back with them to the Hidden Leaf Village for interrogation.

    In the next few days, Hanzo would attend the first funeral of his life and would think of nothing more than the bloody corpse of a girl he was so very found of. He would secretly carry these thoughts for years to come.

    Chuunin Arc
    Within a years time, Hanzo had continued to perfect his shinobi skills with the Chuunin Exams fast approaching. Under the guidance of Motomori, Baancho would Hanzo enter the exams. It had not been that long since the death of Ren had befallen the village. The interrogation produced results that pointed back to a small, shinobi village hidden in the rain. The Missing-Nin had hailed from there. As such, the small Hidden Rain village was not permitted to enter into the Leaf's Exams that year, as they had not yet fully explained the actions of their ninja on that day. Nonetheless, competition was high and Hanzo would have his work cut out for him. He had become quieter and less energetic since the loss of his friend. His parents and his comrades noted it almost immediately. Perhaps this was somewhat of a blessing, as it allowed him to truly focus on the Exams when the time came. He had gotten to know the majority of the Proctors on the Exams and that calmed his nervousness through the first written part, but when the time for the second portion of the exam came, his nerves could not be calmed so easily. Despite this, Hanzo worked diligently with the team he had been assigned to for the second portion of the exam and they eventually overcame the challenge. Thus did Hanzo pass on into the third and final portion of the exam. The 14 year old shinobi matched fists, jutsu, and wits with nearly all of his classmates and Genin from other villages in a tournament of sorts. The young boy nearly faltered on several occasions, almost losing to Asura at one point. Yet, Hanzo did not disappoint and came out in third place in the last round. Thus was he promoted to Chuunin and given the green flak jacket that every Konoha Shinobi had received upon passing these exams.

    His parents were more than proud of him and praised Hanzo for his accomplishments. He felt happy once again and he too was proud of himself. However, he could not yet bring himself to visit Ren's grave and tell her the news.

    Life as a Chuunin meant that he was no longer to be a student and began to take on full fledged missions regularly. It was at this time however, that Zabamoto, Sanosuke took his child under his wing and taught him how to manipulate his given chakra nature. It would take two years for Hanzo to truly master his Suiton chakra nature, but in that time his father took note of what his instructors back in the Academy had hinted at: Hanzo indeed had a knack for Ninjutsu. It became apparent that Hanzo was also excellent in maintaining chakra control. He tried his best to use only the minimal amounts and not waste his own chakra. The 16 year old Chuunin came to master his Water nature and began to develop his own elemental jutsu using it. Sanosuke had nothing further to teach except for the things he had found in his wisdom as an older man. Hanzo continued his own private training in order to perfect his chakra control. He did all of this while continuing to take on mission after mission. He signed up for whatever he could, in order to improve his skills. His inner thoughts kept creeping back to the incident that led to Ren's death, and he would cry every now and again because of it. His determination to advance his skills never once faltered, however. This can be attributed to his desire to protect his comrades the next time, and see the mission through to the end with everyone coming home safely. This determination, this strong will was duly noted by his father and mother. Where they had once thought he would turn out to be just as lazy as his old man, here they saw something they were not used to. Though they had seen snippets of it before, this trait seemed to burst forth from their son now. He kept up with his training, continued to create new jutsu, and constantly took on missions whenever available. At first, Sanosuke and Kikumonai were very worried that he might over-exhaust himself, but when they saw that their efforts to make him take a break were futile, they could do nothing but smile and be proud of Hanzo. They would carry that pride and their smiles into the after-life.

    Three weeks after Hanzo's nineteenth birthday, Zabamoto Sanosuke and Kikumonai passed away in their sleep. They had come down with a terrible disease in the year before. It was something that even the best Medical-nin could not deter, and many feared it to be an strain of the biogenetic disease that had struck all those years before. Thus at first, many friends of the family feared for their own lives. However it soon became apparent that they had simply grown old and brittle, thus contracting a completely different disease that was of no harm to anyone else. These once great shinobi, now nothing more than fragile elders, could finally rest in peace. Hanzo was prepared for this tragedy as best as any son could be. He had known their old age would take them soon enough. He had watched as their bodies gave into the disease that no medical ninjutsu could counter. He watched them grow weak and frail. Yet, Hanzo also watched their spirits remain high and their smiles that never faded. He had indeed made both of them proud, and at their graves he vowed to continue to do so. This same, rainy evening Hanzo paid a visit to an old friend.

    In the grave yard of the Leaf Village, under the clouds that seemed to be weeping as he had previously done that day, Hanzo knelt before Hyuga, Ren's head stone. It had been six long years since Hanzo had been before this grave. And oh, did he have much to tell her. It was akin to the way that most people talk when they visit the grave of a friend of loved one. They seem to speak in a manner that suggests the deceased could share conversation with them at any moment. Hanzo wished for that more than anything at that moment. He recalled everything about the incident six years ago and it was at that grave where Hanzo truly inherited the Will of Fire. He vowed that he would do his best to protect his comrades and bring each of them homes safely from now on. "I owe you that much... Ren"

    Jounin Arc
    The years passed much as they had before, save for a few exceptions. Hanzo continued to train and better his chakra control while perfecting even more jutsu. He also continued to take up mission upon mission and excelled in each, keeping his promise to Ren... almost every time. It was at the end of his days however, that things got different. He no longer went to sleep in the house that he had grown up in. Instead, his living quarters were now in an apartment provided to Leaf Shinobi in the heart of the village. He was now 21 years and was a more than capable Chuunin. He had inherited the Will of Fire, his parent's legacy, and instilled his own determination within himself. He worked hard everyday at what he was assigned to do. When he was free and not training, he spent time with the comrades that he worked so closely with. He took up missions with Asura from time to time and other friends from his old Academy class. Hanzo's spirits despite all that had happened thus far, remained high and he continued to train and spend his days with his friends.

    His efforts as a shinobi did not go unnoticed. His record was nearly outstanding, and it was indeed worth making note of. He had not been part of more than three failing missions since the incident with the Missing-Nin all those years ago. He had also started training in a second chakra nature, the Lightning nature, and was progressing well with it. The Chuunin had also helped out at the Academy from time to time and that was also worth making note of. Perhaps it was because of these reasons that the Hokage decided to promote Hanzo to the rank of Jounin only a few months after his 23rd birthday, or perhaps it was because the Hokage saw something splendid in the young man. Either way, the announcement came as surprise to Hanzo himself, but his friends seemed to have been expecting it. They each praised him, including the few that had already become Jounin as well. Despite being overly excited about his promotion, Hanzo never faltered in his training and continued to take up missions. He had his determination set on keeping his promises to his parents and Ren.

    Roleplay Sample:

    It had been only one full day since Hanzo Zabamoto had been promoted to Jounin by the Hokage, but he was already being assigned a higher ranking mission. However, this mission would not take place until tomorrow due to the circumstances it entailed. As such, Hanzo was spending the evening working on his chakra control and second nature change yet again. The young man of 23, with his brown eyes and dark hair, had chosen a spot above the village for today. The forest that surrounded him was bustling with life as the birds sang and flew about, readying themselves for the sun to set. This was the indeed a peaceful spot where he could still see the village, yet be isolated from it. The Jounin was dressed in his typical uniform which consisted of his green flak jacket and black long sleeve shirt as well as the black pants and such. He stood a few feet in front of a large tree, staring intently at it. He pondered on the idea of his training and what he was about to do. I might be cursed by some tree spirit... He chuckled to himself at the mere thought of that before exclaiming out loud, "Well this place is too dense anyways." As if in response to his words, the leaves rustled around him in the breeze. The sun had not set just yet, and Hanzo wanted to finish this last bit up before it did. He needed to get some rest before tomorrow's mission. He shook his thoughts aside, knowing full well that it was time to focus on the task at hand. Without a word, the shinobi spread his feet a little farther apart, as if to brace himself. In the young mans body, he began to gather and knead chakra at the back of his throat. Sweat began to break out on his brow as he performed three hand seals in a consecutive order, his hands flying fast in order to activate the jutsu, His hands held the last seal, that of the Tiger, and then Hanzo quickly mixed his Lightning nature chakra into the shape he had previously formed at the back of his throat. Upon doing so he made a mental note of the technique he was about to use, and then opened his mouth.

    Raiton: Gian!!!

    A blue flash of a light burst forth from Hanzo's mouth and raced toward the tree that he was standing before. Hanzo smirked in the split second before the justu collided with the tree, ripping through it. However, the young mans grin turned to a frown upon realizing that there was no hole in the tree. "Crap... It flopped again." The jutsu had dissipated just before reaching the end of its intended path. Hanzo took a deep breathe, his chest expanding to take in the air and then shrinking as he exhaled. He was a tall man with an average build, muscular but not overbearingly so. As such, he did not usually sweat a lot, but here he was drenched in his own sweat. Mastering a second chakra nature is way more difficult than the first. With this thought, the young man rubbed the back of his neck with his left hand. He was getting tired and it was nearly time to head back. He had been thinking this same thing in his head for the past hour, yet here he remained. Hanzo cast his glance upward at the tree. For whatever reason, his thoughts raced at that moment and he began to think of Ren. He began to picture her falling in battle, covered in her own blood. Hanzo had felt powerless then and afterward, empty. He shook himself from his daydream. Thats exactly why I have to get this jutsu down!

    Repeating the stance from before, Hanzo readied himself to knead the chakra in the back of his throat once more. The sun had crept even closer to the horizon, but this did not phase the young man. His focus was, and would remain, entirely upon this technique. The sweat still rolled down his brow and soaked into his clothes as he gathered the chakra in his throat. Next came the flurry of hand seals, wrapped up with the held Tiger seal. At this point, Hanzo focused himself and began to quickly but efficiently mix his Lightning nature chakra into the chakra in his throat. A split-second of a memory came to his mind then, and he saw himself kneeling at Ren's grave making her the promise that he had tried to keep for all these years. With that thought in his mind, he opened his mouth to spew the lightning spear from it. The jutsu was hurled directly at the tree and this time, the piercing of the wood was not just a figment of the imagination. A loud boom mixed in with the clunking of wood accompanied the splinters that flew in every which direction. Smoke had enveloped the base of the tree. Hanzo stood with his hands still held in a lazy Tiger seal, watching as the smoke cleared to reveal a large hole that plunged straight through the trunk of the tree and into the one directly behind it as well. The Jounin's hands dropped to his side as he pulled his feet closer together. The young man stood still for the briefest of moments as the forest around him began to quiet down from the surprise it had felt. The birds in the immediate are had fled the scene but the chirping had returned to normal. Silently, Hanzo trekked back to the village, a wide grin upon his face.

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    Re: Zabamoto, Hanzo [Finished]

    Post by Echo on Tue Jun 29, 2010 9:38 pm

    I approve..but i think i will close off leaf applications for a while..everyone seems to be joining leaf or Kiri, and my village is completely empty -.-


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