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    Kaito's Journey to the main land. Part Three.

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    Kaito's Journey to the main land. Part Three.

    Post by Kaito Jin on Wed Jun 30, 2010 5:42 am

    Kaito reached the docks in about 3 hours of running, and saw that the boat was just taking off. He rushed passed everyone, sprinting full out, and activated the accumulative chakra to his feet and started after the large fairy running on water. He finally caught up to the back of it, where the captain shot him a net, he was pulled up, and placed on the hull of the large boat.

    "Phew, I was afraid that i wouldn't make it on. Thanks Captain!" Kaito said panting, and releasing all the chakra from his feet.

    He looked around the boat, and saw some normal people...And some non looking normal people, but then again, who would think that Kaito was normal too. He was carrying his giant sword with him, he was stuck in a net after running on water to catch the fairy, and alot of people knew him as a member of the seven swordsmen of the mist. There would have to be haters, and lovers.

    As he got out of the net, he thanked the captain once more, and walked over to a shady part on the bow of the ship, and sat down, trying to get all the rest he could. He took out his map, and a shrunken from his tool bag. He used the shrunken as a compass for plotting maps at seas, and estimated that the distance from one spike of the shrunken to the other was about 500 kilometers. Kaito was exactly 4 1/2 Kilometers from the leaf village that worked out to be 2.500 Kilometers away.

    He put the shrunken back into his thigh pouch, and rested the scroll in his chest pocket on the inside of his flak jacket. He removed the sword so that it was standing up with his right arm around it. He fell asleep like this, fully comfortable, smelling the ocean breeze as the boat rafted to his destination. The Wave Country.

    BBBBBBUUUUURRRRRRR!! BBBBBBUUURRRR!!! was the sound the fog horn made when they arrived at the destination of the wave country.

    It was around midnight, and Kaito didn't get enough sleep to continuing travel, so he thought that he would rest at a nearby in for the night. He walked around town, trying to find an inn that was close to the bridge of Nauto, apparently there was a seven mist swordsmen much like Kaito who was killed on that bridge by a powerful legendary hero named Naruto Ujemaki. Kaito wasn't sure about his last name, but everyone knew about Naruto.

    As he pondered about the bridge, he came to a inn that didn't look exactly 100%, much like his other place back in the mist village. Exactly what Kaito wanted, before he left, he mustered up all the money he could have, so that he could afford what little there was for his basic needs.

    He walked up, and paid the nights rent for about 160 Ryo. He went upstairs to his corresponding room, and unlocked it, and opened up the door to reveal a room much like he had back at home. He walked around, touring what little he could of the 2 roomed suite. There was a 2 stove burner, a low bed with 1 pillow and a comforter blanket, odd closet and dressers, and last but not least a door leading outside to wherever. But that wasn't Kaito's main focus.

    Kaito got undressed into his under wear, and started to boil some water using a pot and opened up a package of cupped noodles. As he was waiting for the water to become boily, he went outside to find a giant hotspring, with a couple of people in it. A young couple, a family of 4, and two little boys. Kaito thought of how nice the Wave country would be if he decided to settle down here later on during his retirement, and then thats when he heard the high pitch noise of the bubbles popping and steaming.

    He walked back into the kitchen and grabbed hold of the pot, and slowly drained the boiled water into the package of noodles. He put the pot into the sink, and decided to wash it when the heat came off of it. He walked over to the fridge as the noodles where soaking up the water, and grabbed a clear glass container of milk.

    He sat down at the table popping off the cap of the milk bottle, and drank about a quart of it. He peeled off the rest of the covering on the noodles, and slowly sipped, and ate quietly. When he was finished, he sipped the bottom of the soup stock, and put the trash in the garbage can, and threw his empty milk bottle in the recycling. He then slowly climbed into bed, waiting for the sun to shine in through the window and hit his face to wake him up for the long walk across the great Naruto Bridge.


    Kaito woke up to not exactly sunshine, but to the loud pitter, patter, that the rain was making against the metal roofing. Not the best day to travel in, but Kaito knew that he had to get there by today, or else his time would be cut in half. He quickly got dressed, and washed the rest of the pot and put everything away, made the bed and closed the door. He walked down the hall, and down the stairs and greeted and thanked the tennants who let him stay at such a late night.

    He bought a hat from the gift store that was made out of cheap straw that the rain would hopefully keep the rain from soaking and make him look like a diluted rat. He put the hat on, and walked outside of the inn and immediately felt the smashing of the rain against his head.

    Kaito used little chakra on his feet so that he wouldn't fall or slip into any big puddles and ruin his attire more then it already was. He then reached the famous "Great Naruto Bridge". He started to dash really fast, clearing the bridge in half an hour, and reached the main land, 100 kilometers from the leaf gate, so said his map. The sun started to shine as he began to see the orange gate of the Konohagakure village.


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