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    Chapter 1, Information on the Akatsuki!

    Kaito Jin
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    Chapter 1, Information on the Akatsuki!

    Post by Kaito Jin on Thu Jul 22, 2010 6:58 pm

    [[Yes, I know that my Character didn't really start here, but I will make it happen. Also, I will be asking certain people to participate if I am going to be in their village, or for fights, or for friends, missions, etc.]]

    Kaito thought back on his little vacation that he took in the leaf village. He sorta missed his time with Rotoka, and Hiroku. It wasn't everyday that a Seven Swordsmen of the Mist got to make new friends, let alone a vacation, but it felt good to get out of work once in a while, but now, Kaito was headed back to the Mist Village, for some personal work. He was going to catch back up with his ninja friends, and then he was going to pay a little visit to Ryusaki, the Kirikage. He was going to see him, because he found some information about a group of 9 powerful missing nins who were in search of some very dangerous, and powerful weapons, while he was at Konoha, and he was going to ask for some more information, and last but not least, a list of all of the names of criminal ninjas throughout the world, a Bingo Book.

    Kaito was walking off the Ferry, which was connected to the whirlpool country, which was then connected to the Mist Country. In order to get to the mist however, Kaito needed to walk the "Great Naruto Bridge" and then he would find himsef at the bay of the mist country. As he was walking through the Whirlpool country, he decided to disguise himself as a Whirlpool Ninja, and ask around for more of the "Most Wanted" criminals. So, in doing this task, he loitered around the city, and walked into a bar.

    The bar was nothing special, a little run down, but Kaito had been to this bar earlier, when he was coming to Konohagakure. As he walked through the door in his disguise, the bells rang, and what looked to be like a sleeping bar-tender had awoken from his slumber. The bar-tender spoke in unstable, slurry language.

    "Wha can I ge'for ye? *hic*" The bar tender asked.

    "Ahem, Sorry to er... Wake you, but I am here in search of some information, and I was wondering if you could help me out." Kaito asked, making the man slightly disapointed.

    The bar-tender looked at Kaito with an awkward face, and then started to chuckle. He stammered something that Kaito could only make out as, him wanting Kaito to buy something before anything was given out.

    " Aight, Ill have a small shot of Saké", Please." Kaito asked in a tired, quiet voice.

    The bar-tender chuckled to himself once more, and then turned around. He opened an old wooden cabnet, and then turned back facing a wall of glasses. He tried to focus his eyesight, and then grabbed a small shooter glass off the rack. He turned once more, this time facing Kaito, and then set the glass down with a thud.

    Kaito bowed his head in thanks, and then began his little interrogation scheme, for this person, had definately heard something.

    "Toad Bind Jutsu!" Kaito yelled, doing some rapid fast hand signs.

    The area around them began to morph, and soon they where in a toad's esophogaus. The bartender was stuck, but Kaito however was fine and was facing the man with no obstacles in his way. Kaito took off his disguise, by realising the jutsu, and then unwrapped his sword from the gauze. He pointed it at the mans neck, and then finally whispered something, in his quiet but delicate tone of voice.

    "Now, here's what's going to happen... You are going to tell me everything that you have heard of the Akatsuki, and then I will tell if your lying or not. If you do happen to, well, lie to me... Then you will become another victim to this blade..."

    The man started to shake, and then finally gave in, and told Kaito everything that he heard of the group called akatsuki. He told Kaito that their leader was very powerful, and that they always travel in pairs of two. They have large bounties on their heads, and that their objective was unknown. They wear black cloaks with red clouds spaced out, and are very dangerous and strong people. It is said, that before this generation of Akatsuki, there was a previous one, and they were have said to be the most dangerous criminals in the ninja world, so powerfu, that they had captured some kind of legendary monsters.

    In hearing this, Kaito began to feel uneasy, at the words of this man. He unleashed the spell binding jutsu, and then walked out of the bar, and dashed home to Kirigakure. Running over the "Great Naruto Bridge" which felt like was forever, finally passed by, and there he was, standing facing the gate of the mist village. His Home. Kaito had run straight to the Kirikage's office building, to tell him what he had heard,

    [Next... Chapter, Ryusaki I need you please :3]


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