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    NAETHYN UMNEI ~ Seven Swordsmen of the Mist

    Kirigakure Jounin
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    NAETHYN UMNEI ~ Seven Swordsmen of the Mist

    Post by Naethyn™ on Thu Jun 24, 2010 11:02 pm

    ~General Information~

    Name: Naethyn Umnei

    Nickname/Alias: Naet, Harbinger of Lost Souls

    Weight: 148 ½ lbs.

    Height: 5’10

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male

    ---Head: Naethyn has a medium sized face that is slightly paler then the rest of his body. He has long black hair that ends at his shoulder bone in the back, as well as his ears on the sides. His purple eyes are large and his thin brown eyebrows make it all fit. His nose is slightly curved at the end. His plush, plump light red lips. Naethyn has a nice defined chin and jawline that leads right up to his perfectly shaped ears. Naethyn has a kunai scar on his left cheek from his mother when he was a child.
    ---Chest: Naethyn has a buff and very muscular chest that has strong pecs and very defined features. Naethyn has a scar of the first time he held his sword Fumei Mirei (Obscured Future) and tired lifting it, it sliced his chest and left a diagonal scar on his right nipple. His bellybutton is an inner one and goes a little too deep. His chest ends with the V line that leads to his legs.
    ---Arms: Naethyn has very large arms and is rumored to be able to break metal like a child would break a pencil. Naethyn has a tattoo on his left arm that translates into Breathe In Life. Naethyn’s hands are very delicate and smooth for this hardened war machine.
    ---Legs: Naethyn’s legs are very long and thin, shaped for running. Naethyn’s thighs are thin for the normal person, however they are very tonned. Naethyn has very large feet but are small enough not to be tripped on.

    Clothing: Naethyn loves hats because hats can explain the emotion you are in to a T. Naethyn loves bright colors and loves having loose shirts on.
    ---Face: Naethyn usually is seen wearing a top hat with a red ribbon tied to the base of it. A black decaying rose is tucked into the top of it. His Kirigakure headband sits at the base of the hat with the ribbon. His purple eyes are shaped with three thick dots underneath both eyes made with black eyeliner.
    ---Torso: Naethyn is caught wearing a bright, flamboyant shirt usually in cool colors such as teals and warm purples. Naethyn’s shirt is almost always loose and baggy and is completely flawless in stitching as well as fit. Naethyn’s shirt, though, has a spot that shows his tattoo. His wrists contain steel armbands that help deflect projectiles. Naethyn has a ring on his left thumb that translates into “Kenjutsu Master.”
    ---Legs: Naethyn is usually seen wearing tight black pants that allow him to run without any wind friction. Naethyn mostly wears bamboo sandals.

    Additional Outfits:
    ---Hats: Naethyn wears hats that vary directly with his emotions. When he is feeling fine he will wear his average top hat. When he is sad he wears a bowler hat. When he is extremely happy he wears a ten gallon hat.
    ---Shirts: Naethyn will wear other colors for shirts, only bright colors.
    ---Shoes: Naethyn instead of wearing sandals will wear no shoes.

    ---Alone: When Naethyn is alone or by himself, whether it be in battle or not, he is very in depth with the things around him. He is a very complex thinker and when it comes to battles he could see an easy end soon but with free will and all, his plans never end the way he wishes. He has a very statistical advantage with him being what most people refer to as an "Idiot Savant" all though he doesn't have Savant syndrome, he is just very knowledgeable in things like math.
    ---With a Few: When Naethyn is with a few people, surprisingly enough, his personality changes quite a bit. When Naethyn is with a few people he will try to show off and become very cocky, always trying to be the best out of the group. Part of this is because of how is father treated him as a child. Naethyn becomes very extroverted in a conversation with a few people because he knows when he voices his opinion it will be heard and acknowledged. However, he just doesn't want to be "himself" in any amount of groups of people.
    ---In Groups: When Naethyn is in a group of three or more people, his personality changes greatly. Naethyn because introverted and only speaks when spoken to or about. He mostly forgets about the way he is smarter then half of the people he is talking to and begins to get very antisocial because with more then three people he can't stand the back and forth talking and a complete unknown topic that came out of no where.

    ~Clan Information~

    Clan Name: The Umnei Clan

    Kekei Genkai: The Umnei Clan has a kekkei genkai that is the Lava Release, however theirs differs from most Lava Release's. Theirs heats up to 673.23 degrees Fahrenheit. That is enough to char most metals, and melt flesh.

    Clan Symbol: A Septagram, or Seven Pointed Star, Each point a different color in the rainbow with one being black.

    Clan History: The Umnei clan was developed in the midst of the second shinobi war. The clan was developing a way to make fire burn through most anything. They combined fire with the earth element and created fire that could burn almost anything in its path. The Uchiha’s had a flame known as the Ametarasu and the Lava Release was just below those flames. The Umnei clan was a valueable asset in the Third and Fourth Shinobi War, when the villages wanted the Umneis to burn Konohas statue of Kages down. After the plague, most thought that the Umnei clan was vanquished but has thrived and lived on.

    Ability Summary: The ability to control a strong fire.

    ~Rank/Village Information~

    Classification: S Ranked Shinobi, Seven Swordsmen of the Mist Leader

    Letter Rank: S

    Village: Kirigakure no Sato

    ~Skill Information~

    Skill Specialty:

    • Main: Kenjutsu
    • Sub: Ninjutsu

    Elemental Affinity:

    • Main: Fire, and Earth
    • Sub: Lava Release

    Special Characteristics:Naethyn has very strong strength in order to carry his weapon and can move it very fast.


    ~History/RP Sample~

    History/Background Story:
    Pre-Birth Arc:
    Before Naethyn was conceived his parents were apart of two different clans with the same form of Kekkei Genkai, a lava release. Naethyn’s parent’s clans were fighting and finally, his father’s clan was destroyed, eviscerated. Naethyn’s mother married his father and pretended like they were a part of the same clan.
    Infancy Arc:
    Naethyn was born soon after his parents were married. They decided that Naethyn was going to be a Swordsmen, something about the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist was honorable and praised amongst clans and families. Naethyn grew up around weapons especially swords. When Naethyn turned three his mother threw a kunai at him when he asked why father doesn’t have a clan lava mark (the septagram).
    Childhood Arc:
    Naethyn was growing up to be a strong shinobi, he followed the clan elders around and listened to the stories of the Lava and how it was developed and the reason why the Umnei Clan is in Kiri, they were fascinating stories. Naethyn wasn’t sure about becoming a swordsman till he saw his sword, a gunblade that shot Endon fireball techniques. The sword was promised to him when he turned 12 and began practicing as a genin.
    Academy Arc:
    Naethyn trained to be a genin in the academy. Learning the techniques were simple and easy for Naethyn, it was performing them that was hard. Naethyn didn’t graduate with everyone in the academy, and that is something that he always regrets. Naethyn could never create a true Bushin clone or walk on water. After a year of being in the academy again, he finally graduated to Genin.
    Genin Arc:
    Naethyn as a Genin was given his sword, Obscured Future, in which he brought and trained with it everywhere. His team was very strong and he was weakest in the group because one was a taijutsu fighter and the other was a ninjutsu fighter who could kick Naethyn and his kenjutsu ass. When Naethyn was sparring with his gunblade against the ninjutsu fighter, Naethyn cut his chest and was hospitalized for weeks. When he was released a mission was given to them to find a criminal that was listed as C ranked in the bingo book. Naethyn spotted the criminal and jumped at him striking him with a Endon blast. The criminal dodged it and got away and Naethyn’s team lost the mission. The Mizukage was disappointed but saw the strength in Naethyn’s eyes. Naethyn prepared for chuunin exams at the end of that year.
    Chuunin Arc:
    Naethyn went into the chuunin exams and missed one on the written part, he has shaped up a lot from Genin to Chuunin Exams. After the Written part of the Chuunin Exams, Naethyn went on to the scroll finding where he found it in mere minutes, he used sensing to track the one carrying it. Naethyn then had to spar with his opponent, the taijutsu user in his old genin team. Naethyn found out that he had to kill him mid battle. Naethyn summoned his sword and sliced the genins heads off after five minutes of playing around. The Mizukage saw this and decided that Naethyn, if he showed promise, will be the next leader of the seven swordsmen of the mist. In Naethyn’s chuunin years, he went on many mission and did not fail for most of them. Naethyn was a very talented Chuunin and began training with his sword more and more. After a few years Naethyn was promoted to Jounin.
    Jounin Arc:
    Naethyn wasn’t a Jounin for long, but during his Jounin years his parents had died of the plague, he had almost forgotten about the thing that changed the villages forever. Kirigakure was almost unaffected due to the complete isolation of the Land of Water. Naethyn was promoted to Leader of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist and had his sword recrafted to be legendary.

    Roleplay Sample: Naethyn was not one to desert the village he cherished so very much; Cloud was home to him and his clan, and if his clan saw him: they would surely have his head. He wasn't sure what to do as far as he knew he was ranked as missing now. Missing at Chuunin, B ranked, wasn't a threat to cause villages to watch out for you, but it meant something to Naethyn showed that he had the maturity that it took to leave that god forsaken village. Kumogakure was just too easy going and the Raikage did nothing but sit on his fat lazy ass. Uchihas were no good, anywhere.

    Naethyn had been roaming the roads, his Kaze Soujuu had helped him travel because he could easily steal food from stands and quickly steal money without being noticed. Wind was such a common element in everyday life that no one noticed a little extra push. Naethyn was starving; not a food stand in sight. He quickly manipulated a wind current to carry him before he started running out of chakra, and fast. He noticed what looked like a small village and two men talking. He quickly ran...hobbled over to them and then collapsed before them, a long travel and with almost no food or chakra: Naethyn would die. Naethyn summoned enough energy to stand and soon his appetite left him and his stamina increased minutely.

    The first man had been identified as Kyogi, but Naet wasn't completely sure of his name. He was bulky and built like a war machine. He held a sword that looked like it could carry itself, it was massive and it seemed that the sword had been leaking chakra. Naethyn was amazed by the strength this guy seemed to muster up just to hold the massive weapon. Naethyn looked at the other male and noticed strength and a nice amount of chakra for what appeared to be a genin. Naethyn just decided it would be best to not do much to even try to piss them off.

    "Can I trouble you for some food?" He tried asking the man with the large, erm, weapon and decided it was best to be nice and not cause trouble for someone who, Naethyn knew by looking, had enormous amounts of Chakra.

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    Re: NAETHYN UMNEI ~ Seven Swordsmen of the Mist

    Post by Echo on Sat Jun 26, 2010 8:45 am


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