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The world in chaos. A fight to the death. The future once more. Do you have what it takes to rebuild the Ninja dream?

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    Kaito Jin

    Post by Kaito Jin on Sun Nov 07, 2010 11:40 pm

    ~General Information~

    Name:Jin, Kaito (Kaito Jin)

    Nickname/Alias: ~None~

    Weight:80 lbs





    Dirty blonde hair that spikes up in the front which is about 3cm long. His eyes are a deep dark blue that sees no end. His skin is tan, but not totally brown. His arms are 45cm long, skinny, but some muscle. His hands are bigger than most kids his age, but are really bony. His chest is small, considering his age, but mostly muscle. His abs are undeveloped, however they are tight and strong. His legs are longer then the average, skinny and bony as well, with muscles. His feet are regular size, of about a 7. His mouth is also very small, for he does not talk a whole lot.

    The normal attire of a school boy attending the academy. A dark green shirt, long sleeved with a button up chest area, collar is un-poped and Kaito usually wears the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. Shorts that go down to his knee bone with a multitude of pockets and loops for other attachments if needed necessary. Clan Weights are all around his body.

    Additional Outfits:
    Mission outfit includes the Village shirt with the sign on the back, gloves with metal plating covering the back side. A mask that covers the first quarter of his face (Mouth up to under the nose.) Headband tied around his leg, the plate facing forward. Black pants, that go down to his ankles. Shoes are a Japanese sandal. All of these things are brand new because he was just starting. Clan Weights are all around his body.

    A quiet young boy who does not like to laugh as much as other kids. He usually thinks things over before he goes and does them. His IQ is normally average. He has a tendency to tap his finger, foot, or leg against the ground when bored, or sitting down. He likes to eat spicy foods, and try out new things. He gets bored often, when not doing something that gets him excited. He always, when able, sits crossed legged, up higher then ground level. He is what some people call Anti-social, due to where he lives and what he does everyday, he has come to the conclusion, that he does not need to speak, unless spoken to, or asked a question that was somewhat answerable.

    ~Clan Information~

    Clan Name:Jin Clan

    Kekei Genkai:None

    Clan Symbol:None

    Clan History:
    Started by Yumahi Jin over 100 years ago. The Jin clan is Taijutsu only. They derived from the Idol Rock Lee many years ago, where he was unable to bring about chakra in his body, so instead the clan trains gruesomely without rest. They train with special "Kinikata" Weights on which weigh approximately 50 lbs at the beginning, and slowly increase weight as the users get stronger.

    Ability Summary:Power, Speed, Concentration, and focus.

    ~Rank/Village Information~

    Classification:Acadamy Student

    Letter Rank:C


    ~Skill Information~

    Skill Specialty:

    • Main:Taijutsu
    • Sub:U/A

    Elemental Affinity:

    • Main:U/A
    • Main:U/A
    • Sub:U/A

    Special Characteristics:

    ~History/RP Sample~

    History/Background Story:
    -From a young age, Kaito was always training in different fighting styles. At 3 he started with Karate and mastered it at the age of 8. His family, or clan, was always Chakra negative, which meant that they would never be able to have chakra molded into their will, So instead, they trained through blood and sweat, everyday, doing 1000's and 1000's of push ups just to reach the normal strength of everyone else. When Kaito was 7 His parents made him put on the clan weights which would only come off if he needed to, other than that they would stay on almost forever. At the age of only 6, his parents told him that it was tradition to leave their kid in a forest of hungry, wild, savage, beasts, and that Kaito was to survive their until he was 10. He was finally dropped off and he never saw his parents again, but they assured him that when the time was right, he would meet up with them. (This tradition was started after Rock Lee's generation, and the forest is the Chuunin exam place. They are to live alone until the age of 15 and then they will meet their parents.) He, living alone, enrolled himself into the academy at the leaf village, a distance away from his home. Which brings us to now.

    Roleplay Sample: Check Topics.


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    Re: Kaito Jin

    Post by Echo on Sun Nov 07, 2010 11:42 pm



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