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    Zixin Fan

    Post by Echo on Thu Nov 11, 2010 9:29 pm

    ~General Information~

    Name: Zixin Fan (Zishin Fan)

    Nickname/Alias: Shin

    Weight: 120lb

    Height: 5'9"

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male


    Shin has white hair, red eyes, and soft skin. Under his eyes are red marks that look like some type of eyeliner, but they are actually permanent marks.

    Clothing: Shin doesn't normally wear a shirt, but instead wears a black cloak. His pants are black, and loose, with a white sash used as a belt, tied, hanging down in the front. He wears black shoes that have a very solid type of bottom, to where they could stop even the toughest force of sharp, and blunt attacks, with bottom of his feet.

    Additional Outfits: A loose shirt under his cloak

    Personality: Shin is the quiet type. He doesn't talk that much if it isn't needed. He's quite hard to befriend due to that. He rarely opens up to others around him, and is often looked at as "the quiet guy". Once Shin warms up around others, he considers them his friends, and will talk to them. He may seem quiet all the time, but once he gets to know you better, it's easy to befriend him. Girls haven't been a big thing with Shin, due to the fact that he keeps to himself. Most girls approach him, but find it difficult to talk to him because he always seems so quiet, and not caring.

    ~Clan Information~

    Clan Name: Unknown

    Kekei Genkai: Swift Release

    Clan Symbol: -

    Clan History: Unknown

    Ability Summary: The swift release. Also known as the element of movement. Moving at near instantaneous speeds, at the cost of chakra. Most of the element doesn't have jutsu, but some can be formed from the speed and chakra usage.

    ~Rank/Village Information~

    Classification: Jounin

    Letter Rank: A

    Village: Konoha

    ~Skill Information~

    Skill Specialty:

    • Main: Ninjutsu
    • Sub: Kenjutsu

    Elemental Affinity:

    • Main: Lightning
    • Main: Wind
    • Sub: Swift

    Special Characteristics: Large Chakra reserves, quick reflexes, incredibly fast hand seals.


    C: 10
    B: 5
    A: 5
    S: 0

    Lightning Jutsu

    Name: Borudou (Bolt Shock)
    Rank: A
    Element: Lightning
    Description: An advanced form of Raiton that uses chakra to increase the amount of bio-electricity in the brain and sends the excess down to the hands in order to form advanced Raiton techniques.

    Name: Borudou • Borutou (Bolt Shock • Bolt Sword)
    Rank: A
    Element: Ninjutsu
    Description: A technique utilizing an advanced for of Raiton. After drawing out the bio-electricity focused in his hands, Zixin can form swords of this electricity in front of his palm. The borutou, unlike the boruken, can be grasped by Zixin, and he will remain unaffected by the bio-electricity. The borutou do cause actual damage to a living opponent, and are strong enough to cut through steel.

    Name: Borudou • Boruken (Bolt Shock • Bolt Dart )
    Rank: A
    Element: Lightning
    Description: A technique utilizing an advanced form of Raiton. After drawing out the bio-electricity focused in his hands, Zixin can form a dart made of electricity in front of his palm. It does not touch Zixin, but merely floats in front of his palm. It can be launched at any time, and moves at high speed. When it hits an opponent, it causes no physical damage to a living being, though non-living items will be physically affected. Instead, the dart temporarily paralyzes the opponent. The paralysis last for 1 posts but during the paralysis Zixin can not attack the victim, if he does he will be paralyzed as well. More than one dart can be made at a time. (Paralysis can only happen 3 times each battle)

    Name: Borudou • Daiboruken Odoroki (Bolt Shock • Great Bolt Dart Surprise)
    Rank: A
    Element: Lightning
    Description: An advanced form of Raiton: Boruken. Instead of just forming a single dart before his palm, Zixin will move his hands in any direction, and a trail of boruken will be formed and remain stationary. When Zixin forms a single kata, the boruken will be launched in one of two directions; forward or backward. If the victim is hit with a large number of darts, the electricity will fry their brain, killing them. Zixin can wait to use any boruken that have been formed.

    Name: Hibana Shuuha
    Rank: B
    Element: Lightning
    Description: This Jutsu can be used without hand seals. When the user activates this Jutsu, and slams their fist to the ground, static like waves of lightning will shoot out in a 90 degree angle, in front of the user. It will extend out from the users fist, and stretch out. This jutsu can easily cause machines to malfunction, and shut down, hit enemy's who rely on the land, flip, and destroy land units as well. This jutsu is capable of lifting, and flipping up to tons of weight.

    Name: Lightning Jump
    Rank: C
    Element: Lightning
    Description: After doing the required hand seals, lightning chakra will flow through the users feet, and spread out into the ground. At the users will, up to 3 times, and at an instant, a spark of lightning will jump up from the ground, but only rise about 4 feet before it disappears. When it jumps up, it will shock anything in its path, and is very deadly to wet targets, or if the ground is wet, shocking approximately a 1 yard radius around the jump of lightning.

    Name: Electromagnetic Movement
    Rank: C
    Element: Lightning
    Description: With this jutsu, the user is capable of creating electricity out of any movement they make. Static and visible lightning will follow behind their movements, and anyone who touches the user while they are moving even the slightest bit, will be shocked. The shock isn't to powerful, but it's enough to hurt someone if they stay in contact for to long. This hurts all except the user. Other things can be done as well, such as channeling the electricity through ones weapon to shock another, or into objects to give them a temporary shock effect. (Remains active for 5 posts)

    Name: Jolt Clamps
    Rank: C
    Element: Lightning
    Description: This jutsu can be used without hand seals, and only if the user has either one, or both hands on the target. The user is able to send massive shocks into the body of the target, frying them quickly, if they stay in contact for to long. If they escape it fast, they are left with a minor paralysis to where it's hard to move, and minor burns. If they stay in contact for 5 posts straight, it is capable of frying their brain, and killing them.

    Name: 4 Binding Lightning Rods
    Rank: C
    Element: Lightning
    Description: After doing the required hand seals, 4 long rods made of static lightning will appear in the air above the target, all floating at an angle, but pointing directly to the target. At Zixin's command, the rods will zip down, piercing the target with great force, holding them in place, and possible killing them.

    Name: Static Interruption
    Rank: C
    Element: Lightning
    Description: After doing a single hand seal, a wave, that appears to look like a sound wave will shoot out from Zixin, in a complete circle around him, spreading up to 5 miles wide, surrounding Zixin at all times. In that area, any type of electrical device, for communication, or anything that has long range communication, and even sometimes weapons with machine like properties, will short circuit, malfunction, or become completely unusable.

    Wind Jutsu

    Name: Flotation
    Rank: B
    Element: Wind
    Description: This jutsu requires no handseals. Zixin will simply let go of a weapon or item, and it will float around him, it will move to where ever he wants it to around him. Multiple things can float around him at once giving good melee defense from different directions. While floating, the objects/weapons can still use force as if a human were holding them.

    Name: Godly Wind from the Mountains
    Rank: B
    Element: Wind
    Description: This technique creates a vortex of wind to blast at a target. It can be used in a combo with Fire Release: Running Fire and Earth Release: Earth Corridor to release a massive inferno at the opponents while they are trapped within the confined space of the earth.

    Name: Wind Arrow
    Rank: C
    Element: Wind
    Description: The user molds chakra and breathes in. He or she then blows out and an arrow made of wind is shot from the user’s mouth. The arrow cannot be blocked but it can be dodged. Since it is made out of wind the arrow is hard to see. One arrow shot at a time.

    Name: Wind Drill Technique
    Rank: B
    Element: Wind
    Description: The user creates another arrow from his mouth that is fired from the mouth. This time though the arrow is in the shape of a drill, much like the arrow Kidoumaro uses in his last attack against Neji. The drill passes through stone and tree but once it hits the ground it dispels. This arrow can drill through a person.

    Name: Low Air Pressure Technique
    Rank: B
    Element: Wind
    Description: This technique makes the air pressure in a room drop dramatically, causing anyone inside to fall asleep. It can only work in an enclosed area like a building or room.

    Name: Barrier Of Zephyr
    Rank: A
    Element: Wind
    Description: The user does the required hand seals, and a large barrier made of wind will surround them, in a 5 ft radius, in all directions. The wind is constantly moving, and is strong enough to where it is slightly visible, and capable of deflecting most attacks up to the rank of A. If used with more chakra, and combined with other elements, the user can turn them self into a cannon ball of whatever element they used with it, if they even used one. For example, if one were to engulf the barrier in flames, from the inside out, it would act as if it were a large flaming cannonball.

    Name: Ultimate Push
    Rank: B
    Element: Wind
    Description: After doing the required hand seals, the user will place one palm forward, and a sudden large gust of wind will quickly shoot forward, from behind them. All but a small area around the user will be blown forward. The wind is strong enough to list trees, and destroy houses. The size of the Ultimate Push is nearly 20 ft tall, and 20 ft wide.

    Name: Wind Tunnel
    Rank: C
    Element: Wind
    Description: The user creates a tunnel of wind around them, and the target. Doing so traps them both in a mildly powerful tunnel of wind. The wind spins in a direction to where if anything was thrown into the winds of the tunnel, they would redirect around the tunnel, and shoot out where the target would be standing with a powerful force.

    Name: Windy Coating
    Rank: C
    Element: Wind
    Description: Used without hand seals. The user is able to manifest a coat of wind to form around a weapon they use. The wind is constantly at move around the weapon, and is strong enough to help rip through objects and people, by pushing both ends apart. As well as act as a good drilling tool for stabs.

    Name: Redirect
    Rank: C
    Element: Wind
    Description: After doing the required hand seals, an invisible barrier made of wind will form around the user, moving incredibly slow. The barrier is capable of sensing incoming attacks from objects, or Jutsu (Up to B ranks), and activate what it really does. If an attack comes within range, a sudden wave of wind will be blown, redirecting the attack elsewhere, as if the attack simply went around the user, or bounced back. The waves of wind are unable to be seen, and the only harm it can do to someone is if it manages to throw them into an object. (Stays active for 5 posts)

    Name: Ultimate Jump
    Rank: C
    Element: Wind
    Description: With this Jutsu, the user is capable of blasting them self high into the air, with a powerful blast of wind underneath them. The powerful blast is capable of knocking those who are to close off of their feats, and capable of blowing objects around. The user can get approximately 50 - 100 feet into the air, with this jutsu alone.

    ~History/RP Sample~

    History/Background Story:


    Zixin was born in an unnamed area. His birth was not done in a hospital, and he was delivered in the wilderness. Upon his birth, his mother died, and because of that, his father referred to him as the devil child. His father was miserable over the death of his wife, and decided to abandon Zixin. He placed the baby in a small boat, and let him follow the drift down a long river. The small boat drifted for a few hours, hitting bumps, and almost tipping a few times, but it came to a stop when it ran into the side of a watermill house. The small thud made those who lived inside of the house go out, and see what it was. To their surprise, it was a white haired baby wrapped up in a blanket. They took him in until he was 7, then sent him with money off to the main village, known as Konoha, where he would enter the ninja academy, and learn to fend for himself.


    While in the Academy, Zixin always kept to himself. He never opened up with anyone around him, and the only friends he had were two other classmates that always wanted to involve him in with their activities. The girls always thought he was cute, and tried to approach him, but none ever could. He passed with fair grades. Nothing to good, but not to bad either.


    When Zixin was promoted to Genin, he was given the nickname "Shin" due to how hard his first name was hard to pronounce for the japanese tongue. Zixin spoke a good amount of japanese, but people always wondered if he didn't know their language because he was chinese, and never spoke. As a Genin, he was teamed up with 2 others. 1 female, and 1 other male. They were sent on a dangerous mission, where they were escorted by their team leader, being a Jounin. The Jounin was separated from the rest of the team, leaving the 3 Genin there on their own. Zixin overall was the best fighter out of the 3, and his speed was unmatched by even some Jounin, due to his Kekkei Genkai, that only he knew about. While on their own, they were attacked by a group of ninja from another village. Their purpose for attacking was unknown, but Zixin recognized the ninja as members of the hidden mist village. Mist ninja that seemed to be targeting him for some reason. In an attempt to draw them away from the other two, Zixin began to go in the opposite direction, telling him to meet him up ahead later. But what he didn't know, was that one of the ninja went after the other two instead of following him. When he came to a stop, he noticed one of the ninja that had been following him was suddenly gone, and he couldn't sense his presence anywhere. With a sudden swish, Zixin was gone. A speed unmatched by even the opposing ninja. By the time he got back to his two partners, he saw that the male ninja was badly wounded, and the female was left fighting him by herself. Zixin quickly interfered, and beat down the ninja with such speed, not even a Chuunin would know exactly how many times he hit the ninja. When he noticed by now that the other ninja would probably be heading back, he picked up his wounded partner, and told the girl to follow him. With a sudden flash, he took off through the trees, at a speed that the girl couldn't keep up with. Zixin stopped, and told the girl to climb on his back. She felt a little embarrassed doing it, but Zixin was straight forward and serious. When she tightened her grip on him, he suddenly disappeared as a barrage of kunai pierced the tree from many different directions.


    When Zixin arrived back at his village, with girl no back, and wounded in arms, he immediately took the wounded ninja to the hospital, and had him receive immediate medical attention. After dropping off the wounded, him and the female went to report to their kage, still wondering where their Jounin escort had ran off to. To their surprise, the Jounin was already back at the Kage's office. He had apparently been placed in some type of genjutsu, and it drew him away from the Genin. By the time he awoke, he was in the middle of nowhere. He searched everywhere for the Genin, but couldn't find them, so he went to report back to the kage. The Kage wanted to send out a search team to find them, but the Jounin knew if anything were to happen, Zixin would be able to fend for the 3 of them. He knew about Zixin's skill. THe Genin explained what happened, and Zixin explained how it seemed like the ninja were targeting him. As well as how they were from the Land of Water. With Zixins show of skill during that urgent matter, he was promoted to Chuunin immediately. After becoming a Chuunin, he set off on a 2 year training, not returning until he was a great ninja. Upon his return, it was as if he didn't really exist. Only few recognized him, and he matured much over his long absence.

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    Re: Zixin Fan

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