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    Kaito's training thread,

    Kaito Jin
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    Kaito's training thread,

    Post by Kaito Jin on Fri Nov 26, 2010 4:45 pm

    Kaito's eyes peered open, at sunrise, as the sun came in from the window, and broke the deep slumber that he had indulged himself in the night before. He sat up, and knew exactly what he was going to do today, he was going to go and train. He read, a while back, an article on one of the old newspaper stands, that had said that there was a man who was supposedly the strongest taijutsu use in the world!

    Inside this article it had said that a man named Rock Lee, once did 10000 punches hitting a log, kicking a log, pushups, etc. This was what Kaito was aiming for. IF he couldn't do 10000, then he would do 1000 and work up from there. So he walked to the equipment store to pick up some things.

    In his usual ninja outfit, he entered the store that he had once been into. The old man who was running the store was very nice and was said that his fathers grand-father was the one that sold Rock Lee's items to him. Kaito walked up to the old and tiresome man to begin his search for the post that Rock LEe had used to train.

    "Ummm, Excuse me? I was looking for some items... Do you think you could help me?" Kaito said, timidly, as he didn't speak to a lot of people.

    "Ahhh! Yes, I can forsure help you! What'll it be?" The old man said, overjoyed that someone as young as Kaito waltzed in asking to buy some stuff.

    "Great. I was looking for about 3 of the posts that the great Rock Lee used to train, I heard that I Could... Find them here?" Kaito asked, brutally in his normal voice.

    "Ummm... Uhh.... Sure... I guess, let me... Dig them out for you..." the man seemed unsure of this, as he had no idea that a boy the age of Kaito wanted to train using these brutal things.

    The old man brought the to the front desk, and told Kaito that they where 50 ryo each (Monica deduct this from my ryo please 150 ryo!)Kaito dug out his savings money, and easily afforded the items.

    They where heavy! Whingeing 50 pounds each for a total of 150lbs! Kaito, still determined to carry these all the way back to his grounds that he staked up. AS he entered the forest grounds again, he decided to plant them 5m away from each other, in a horizontal line going from west to east.

    Kaito began to prepare himself for the hash training that he would endure himself in about 5 minutes. He took off all of the extra clothes, and took his stance.

    HE was ready to throw his first punch. Perfectly straight, this would mean that there was only 999 more to go, he was exited. As the punch was about 3/4 of the way there, he put the power, and rotation in, and smacked the post.

    There was blood everywhere, and he was sure that he had sprained his wrist. This was no ordinary post... As he looked over to asses the damages to his hand, there was skin missing on the first two knuckles, the ones you are supposed to hit with.

    Amazed with this posts' greatness, he began again, with the other hand, in motsubi dachi. Whack! again, there was blood, his other hand had been shreded to, but it did not stop him.

    Whack! Whack! Whack! Only 993 more to go! He kept telling himself. He continued to hit the log, until there was so much pain that he needed a break.

    Before this, he prepared a bucket full of warm water, he rested his hands in it, and picked up the bandage ties beside him. After cleaning up the running blood, he bandaged his hands, and began the rest of his 980 punches. He stood up, checked his stance, and let go twenty more straight perfect punches.

    His hands have now gone numb, and it was around noon, however Kaito was determined to get all 1000 punches down by the end of the day. It was late afterneoon when Kaito took one last break.

    At 689 punches solid, he did the same thing, sat down and indulged his hands in the water, but this time, the water had gone straight to a red dye. There was alot of blood. Kaito took off the bandages and his hands where just ripped to shreds. This didn't stop him. HE got up after his break and faced the log once more.

    It was almost night, about an hour to go, and he had done 900 punches. He was so close to his goal, but not everything will go the way you want it to.

    Kaito collapsed, and he wasn't sure if it was because of the blood loss or the energy, but what ever it was he collapsed straight down, and it was all she wrote for him. Kaito laughed to himself, as he drifted into a deep slumber, below the post that Rock Lee had hit.

    (Kaito eventually woke up, and did the remaining 100, finishing his 1000 punch marathon, and everyday after that he began to hit it more and more, the caluses on his hands became bigger and bigger and eventually he was able to do 1000 no problem.)


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