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    Arashi Sayuri [WiP]



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    Arashi Sayuri [WiP]

    Post by ArashiSayuri on Fri Dec 31, 2010 11:29 am

    ~General Information~

    Name: Arashi Sayuri


    Weight: 147lbs.

    Height: 6'

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male


    Clothing: Arashi's overall appearance is the same as any other member of the Akatsuki. He drapes a long black robe around him, the robe is covered in multiple red clouds. Under the robe he wears a simple black T-shirt and a silver necklace with three small pendants on it. His pants are black as well, though he wears a completely white belt and hanging from his pockets to the belt loops are multiple chains. He does still wear his headband from Kurogakure. Though like the rest of the Akatsuki, there is a large gash in the center of the headband. (Basically he looks like the picture shown in Appearance, with minor adjustments.)

    Personality:When Arashi was young he was a respectable young kid. He came from a Nobel family and was to be named head of his bloodline. So obviously he was put through classes even to ensure that he acted correctly. Though after deserting his Nation he changed greatly. Arashi wants nothing more then bloodshed. He lives to fight, lives to watch the weak Shinobi bow at his feet. He is relentless in every manner of his character.

    This is why he now leads the Akatsuki. His hope for power, and his drive to have whatever it is he seeks. Though unlike the previous leaders, Arashi is willing to share the power to further himself. Because when he sets his mind to something, and really wants it done, he will do what ever is needed to accomplish his goals. The one feeling he no longer has is for love. Perhaps one day he may, but as of now he cares for nothing more then watching the life being torn from whom ever he faces.

    ~Clan Info~

    Clan Name: Sayuri

    Kekei Genkai: The true potential of Arashi's bloodline has yet to be revealed to anyone who is still alive. When each child is born they attain a mark on their left shoulder that looks like a six pointed star, and a circle at the end of each point.

    Clan Symbol: The traditional symbol of the Sayuri clan is a star is the same as the mark that each member had imprinted upon them at birth. A six pointed star and six circles around it.

    Clan History: The Sayuri clan was brought along, unlike any other. They were not really born into this world, rather, they were spawned. The creator of their blood line had fallen upon a great sickness that covered the sand village. When he finally healed from all of it his body was not the same. His bones were much more defined and his skin very pale.

    The Sayuri bloodline was created from the Black Plague. It created its own people. Or things. To be honest it was hard to decide whether you could call them humans, or if they were the spawns of a demon.

    Ability Summary: The curse mark on their shoulder is only released when the place three fingers, on opposing points of the star. This is the activation to a sort of Jutsu. It basically covers a large area in nothing but darkness. It takes away any senses that some one who is not of the Sayuri bloodline had. Yet Arashi, and other Sayuri still have full capability. Arashi's opponents lose all sense of smell, touch, hearing, and sight. Basically the only way that Arashi can be tracked in this is by following his Chakra. This also allows them to survive through The Plague.

    ~Rank/Village Information~

    Classification: Akatsuki/Missing-nin

    Letter Rank: S


    ~Skill Information~

    Main: Weaponry
    Sub: Ninjutsu (Kinjutsu)

    Elemental Affinity:

    Main: Lightning, electricity
    Sub: Water




    ~History/RP Sample~

    Birth Ark:

    Academy Ark:
    Genin Ark:

    Chunnin Ark:
    Jounin Ark:
    Missing-Nin Ark:
    Akatsuki Ark:

    Roleplay Sample:
    Arashi was seated near the edge of Konoha. Several members of the Akatsuki were lined on each side of him. They all were waiting quietly for Arashi to give the order. This day had been planned out for several week now, they were going lure some of the Konoha Military into a battle field and test their strength. Why? Who knows, maybe for fun.

    They waited several hours before anyone arrived. Apparently the Leaf Shinobi could not sense the true strength of the men and women that were along the wall. The Hokage had sent only two Chunnin to investigate the disturbance. Hell, this was hardly worth Arashi's time. He was hoping for ten, or maybe twenty. But two!? Come on. They waited this entire time to have a good fight, and this is what they came up with. This was a waste of time.

    Arashi couldn't be bothered to even look at the Chunnin, let alone fight them. He stood and every one else followed. Though Arashi was walking away from the Leaf-nin. While the others had drawn their Katana's and were brutally beating on the two ninja. Sure they weren't what Arashi was looking for, but they would give some amusement to the other Akatsuki.
    Osamu Kyou
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    Missing Ninja

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    Re: Arashi Sayuri [WiP]

    Post by Osamu Kyou on Fri Jan 07, 2011 1:32 pm

    Well...isn't this humiliating. I have a boyfriend named Arashi...


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