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The world in chaos. A fight to the death. The future once more. Do you have what it takes to rebuild the Ninja dream?

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    Shattered Dreams Lore


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    Shattered Dreams Lore

    Post by Echo on Wed May 25, 2011 9:53 am

    Years after the Fourth Great War, raged on between all five of the villages, and their rivaled enemies known as the Sorrow-Weavers, the world is now enveloped in nothing less than chaos and unholy retribution. The world itself is being contaminated by an unfamiliar biochemical disease that seems to have wiped out an unbelievable portion of the world, and its people. Hundreds of areas all over the Earth are destroyed, decimated and banketed several feet from the ground with the bodies of old, diseased corpses. Who else, but the Sorrow-Weavers, were to blame. They were a once notorious group of prodigical self-proclaimed Scientists whom seemed to perform miracle works unto sickened villagers, ninja or homeless citizens. However, their true colors were shown a few short years after their very unveiling..

    The damage unfolds..

    During this time, many wars and battles between villages and beliefs raged on. Iwagakure was left in ruin, and it's residents migrated to other villages. From the plague itself came intense weather changes in the land of Lightning. Somewhat punning it's name, the plague warped the skies, creating an everlasting lightning storm. Fearing the constant strikes of lightning that struck the ground bolt after bolt, the residents of Kumogakure sought out shelter beneath the earth surface. Kumogakure, the village hidden in the clouds, now known as Sheetagakure, the village hidden in the earth.

    In the large deserts of the Wind country, the deathly plague settled. The majority of the West and South sides of the wind country had become tainted, causing the sand to turn black, and the very weather above it to 'pause' as if it were always midnight, with a moon in the sky. No matter where the sun was, it's rays are incapable of piercing through the darkness.

    Soon enough, the "cured" villagers, ninja and citizens began to show signs of increased fatigue, vomiting, migraines and even weakly bodily movements. With no one else to have done things to them, the finger was pointed at the Sorrow-Weavers. One by one, over the years, they were targeted, discovered and picked off one by one until each and every single Sorrow-Weaver was killed and buried in the pages of history. However, this history would be short-lived. A few years after the happening of dire illness, the world began to clear up, people stop getting sick and the Earth seemed to be replenishing itself. However, the people underestimated the prowess of this disease, and thoughtlessly buried the villagers and what not who hadn't recovered from the illness within the ground, all over the world. Evidently, the Earth itself began to show signs of withdrawal and anger, in its very own form of an illness..

    Throughout the time this illness of the Earth took its course upon the lands and humanity alike, villages and the seas alike were torn asunder. Canyons toppled over the cities and crushed everything within, the seas wreaked chaos as tsunamis were created from the plates within the Earth shifting. The planes it covered were shaken from their very foundations, the ground was cracked into hundreds of lava pits that now cover practically 45% of the face of our planet. Now, what humanity has feared since the beginning.. The "Cataclysmic-Era", has happened.

    Porphyric Hemophilia, was the name given to this plague that continues to sweep across the plateaus of the ninja world. Suddenly, the survivors of the plague weren't spared. They had died instantaneously after being exposed to the disease.

    After 3 years of the ruination of humanity, the last forces of the Earth's people fight to secure their names before inevitable death.. Now is your time to prevail, now it is time for you to prove your worth, your name, your honor...

    .. Fight for your life.

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