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    Character Rules


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    Character Rules

    Post by Echo on Fri Jun 25, 2010 11:17 pm

    Character Rules

    These are the basic character rules. More rules and limitations regarding ranks, application, and Jutsu can be found >Here<

    1. Yes, there is a Banned List. No, you can not put anything on that list on your app without permission from the head admin.

    2. If a staff member sees something wrong with something you create, and you feel they are the wrong one, then bring it up politely. Do not insult or argue.

    3. Ranks of Jutsu usable by ninja rank are listed and set, so please use them.

    4. Do not steal other peoples Jutsu unless you have their permission. -Custom Jutsu Only Apply Here-

    5. Just like Jutsu, elements are limited by your Ninja Rank as well.

    6. Right now, only two characters are allowed per person. When the site gets more people, the rule will be stretched a little.

    7. If you make another character, you can NOT use it to train your previous character in any way. Nor can you give items or make any trades with the character without a staff members approval.

    8. If a rank is not open to sign up for, you must work your way to it in RP. There is an Available Rank list here.

    9. Considering some special groups can be closed at time, and require you to RP your way into the group, you may have join as a regular village ninja, and must stay in that village for at least a week before working your way into that group in RP. Just so we don't have people trying to void the rule by creating a ninja and immediately going to that group. (This rule may be voided with the approval of the head admin)

    10. Currently, some high tech stuff is allowed considering this is pretty far ahead in the future, but this is heavily monitored, and restricted to things such as music players. Ipods, cd players, Radios, TV's stuff of that sort are fine seeing as the world of Naruto is pretty advanced in technology.

    11. Just like Rule 9, even missing ninja, or people already in a group have a waiting time as well after getting into the group. If someone wishes to leave a group they were approved into, they must wait a week, and be active within that week. As for missing ninja going to Akatsuki or other groups that would normally accept them, they must wait a week like everyone else. (This rule may be voided with the approval of the head admin)

    12. When making a second character, if your first character was directly approved as one of the limited spots (Chuunin, Jounin, Leaders), your second character must start as a Genin, unless otherwise given permission by the staff.

    13. A Character may learn Jutsu from skill specialties they do not have, but only if the specialty allows it, and the one learning the technique is at S rank. Information regarding what can be learned, and what cant be learned without the specialty, can be found on the Specialty Mastery page. The 'Unskilled' section of each skill is what you would want to look for.

    14. Although a character is capable of learning techniques in a specialties they do not have, there are restrictions to certain specialties to avoid overpowered potential.

    Puppeteer's are UNABLE to learn Ninjutsu past an Adept level.
    Puppeteer's are UNABLE to learn Medical past a Novice level.
    Medical Ninja are UNABLE to learn Puppetry if their skill in medical passes Novice level.
    Medical Ninja are UNABLE to learn Ninjutsu past an Expert level.

    15. Although characters can learn up to C rank abilities from specialties they don't have, Puppeteer is unaffected by this. One without the Puppeteer specialty is restricted from having any Puppeteer abilities in their arsenal completely, meaning, those without the specialty are restricted from learning even up to C rank puppeteer specialties, no matter their ninja rank.

    16. In order to obtain abilities from other skill specialties, you must be an S ranked ninja.

    17. Upon creating a character, you agree that it's name will not reflect an inappropriate meaning..

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