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The world in chaos. A fight to the death. The future once more. Do you have what it takes to rebuild the Ninja dream?

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    Shattered Dreams 5 Great Village Info


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    Shattered Dreams 5 Great Village Info

    Post by Echo on Fri Jun 25, 2010 11:22 pm

    Village Hidden In The Leaves - Konohagakure

    Konohagakure, or Konoha for short, is one of the five great ninja villages. As such, it is one of five villages with a Kage as its leader, known as the Hokage. On a mountain overlooking the villages from the north exists the Hokage Monument. The village resides in the Land of Fire. Although Konoha, much like the country in which it resides, has been relatively peaceful since the end of the Fifth Great Shinobi World War, it remains one of the most powerful villages in existence, and has great military power and influence.

    Village Hidden In The Shadows - Kurogakure

    A village surrounded in mystery. It was said to suddenly appear out of nowhere within the Land of Black Sand. A dark village where the sun never shines. Rumored to be lead by a Kuraikage. This village has a lot of mystery behind it, As it tends to simply "disappear", and reappear elsewhere in the Land of the Black Sand, or simply disappear, and not show up for a while. Ninja who were sent to investigate the rumors of this village have never returned.

    Village Hidden In The Sand - Sunagakure

    Sunagakure is the hidden village of the Land of Wind. As one of the five great ninja villages, Sunagakure has a Kage as its leader known as the Kazekage. The ninja from this village seem to specialize in Wind Release techniques and the Puppet Technique. Shinobi from Sunagakure believe that the accomplishment of a mission predominates the lives of the ninja trying to accomplish it. Due to the plague cutting half of the Land Of Wind, the Land Of Wind is now only half it's original size.

    Village Hidden In The Mist - Kirigakure

    Kirigakure is located in the Land of Water. As one of the five great ninja villages, Kirigakure has a Kage as its leader known as the Mizukage. Kirigakure, and the Land of Water is one of the few areas that was not effected by the plague that quickly began spreading some years ago. Kirigakure has it;s own personal group known as the 7 Legendary Swordsmen, made up of only the best swordsmen in the mist.

    Village Hidden In The Earth - Sheetagakure

    Sheetagakure, the village buried in the earth. Due to the constant strikes of lightning above the ground in the Land of Lightning, Kumogakure was forced to migrate under ground where they were not harmed by the constant strikes of lightning. Sheetagakure is a rather stable village underground, and is well known for it's advanced technology, such as trains that travel through underground tunnels.

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