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    Post by Gambit on Thu Oct 18, 2012 1:46 am

    Who... Am I?

      Name: Hideki, Shuzo

      Nickname/Alias: Gambit

      Age: 19

      Gender: Male

      Is that really me?

      Appearance: Standing at a decent six feet tall Shuzo may seem somewhat scrawny when in reality he is very lean and well toned. His complexion is flawless thus making him seem slightly younger then he really is. He has sandy blond hair that is very shaggy but fits well with his figure. His eyes are the color of the herb mint and when started into seem very soft and caring, though this is part of his ruse. All of these features give him the typical ‘pretty boy’ look making himself seem an easy target for thugs and gamblers..

      Clothing: Shuzo has always been one to dress a tad bit better than just casual wear. He is most often seen wearing a wide-collared white shirt with flower decals on the collar, covered by a black tuxedo with white cuffs which have a similar design to the collar. Most would wear a tuxedo almost completely buttoned up but Shuzo likes to leave around 1-2 extra buttons undone. On his hands he wears solid black leather gloves that end slightly above his wrists

      Weight: 180

      Height: 6’0


      Voice: Smooth, Calm, Deep

      • Training
      • Children
      • Food

      • People
      • Arrogance
      • Ignorance

      At first glance one would think of Shuzo as a weak and harmless pretty boy who has no business being a ninja. Boy are they wrong. Shuzo is truly a completely heartless, self-centered jerk who will cause harm to anyone with no remorse. He is easily angered and when he is angry many things can go wrong, such as murder and destruction of property.

      Shuzo is a very good actor and can make almost anyone believe he a kind and caring person. He will only show his true colors when in combat. When in front of people who he doesn’t know he will act like a perfectly normal and kind ninja by doing things like helping old ladies with tasks, or lifting a heavy object. But when he is alone with people who know his dark side then he will become completely cold and heartless. He will take any opportunity to improve his acting skills in order to keep up with his “kind’ Persona.

      When he acting with his fake personality he will continually smile and random passerby and make himself seem as weak as possible even going so far as letting himself be beat up to an extent. He will act the best of his abilities in order to retain his ability to act.

      Shuzo loves to fight and in public will randomly bump into large looking thugs and piss them off. Knowing that the thug will most likely pull him up by his collar he looks them in the eye and immediately changes to his true personality and asks them if they could take this to an alley where he can pummel them.

      Ever since the quite tragic incident of his best friends being killed by rogue ninja, Shuzo has had problems with trust. He hasn’t had a true friends since that incident and now will not leave anything important to him, to someone else.

      Being as ruthless as Shuzo is, you would think that he has no morals whatsoever, though this would be a misconception. Shuzo has a fondness of children and would not hurt one. The same goes for woman; If he were to be in a fight with a woman he would try not to kill or to cause permenant damage to that woman.


      Clan: N/A

      Unique Clan Features: N/A

      It's all coming back to me now..

      Classification: Jounin

      Letter Rank: A

      Village: Konoha

      My skills were unmatched..

      -Skill Specialties-

      Available Starting Points:

      • 1. Taijutsu”Master”
      • 2.Weaponary”Artisan”
      • 3.Ninjutsu Basic


      • 1.Fire
      • 2.
      • 3.
      • Comb.


      Type: Taijutsu
      Rank: C
      Description: A technique based off of the scope. The user “shrinks” their scope to within 1 meter and doesn’t attack outside of it. They wait for any physical attack to enter there scope and then deflect it and counter attack. This centralization of ones focus to a short distance allows them to quickly deal with any incoming attacks and counter attack anything that enters their Seikuken.

      (Side Notes: It can only block a Taijutsu attack up to the same level as the user: if the user is S rank or SS rank then it only blocks it to no higher than one rank lower than they are.

      Secondly the technique only works for defending against one attack post, so if said someone attacks several times with taijutsu in one post it can block those but then has to be reused again to attack or counter attack. It must also be prepared before being attacked.)

      Name: Ryusui Seikuken
      Type: Taijutsu
      Rank: A
      Description: A technique where the scope is shrunk to a layer that runs just along the surface of the users entire body. They become like a rock in a river, strong and constantly enduring everything that comes towards it. In turn the user moves into every movement of the attacker, becomes one with it, and then imposes there own attack on their opponent. It is a devastating evasion attack that allows one to adapt instantly to any style of physical attack. In reality it relies on the reaction time and experience of the user, if he's going against a much more skilled opponent it most likely won't work as effectively as intended. It's also week against Genjutsu for obvious reasons and only effective against certain types of ninjutsu. (exspecting the user to use common sense)

      Name: Korui Nuki
      Type: Taijutsu
      Rank: B
      Description: a technique based off the principles of Balance, long jumping, observational gaps, it is a powerful kick , drawing all power directly from the legs and hips, that attacks at the strongest part of an opponents defense and shatters it. This is done by focusing all of ones attack power into that one specific area to overcome the defense of an opponent and find a gap in it. It can be compared to being rooted in the ground like a massive tree.
      (able to break through any defense up to a B rank Character, but the technique has to hit for it to occur.)

      Name: Shiraha Nagashi
      Type: Taijutsu
      Rank: C
      Description: a technique designed to fight against armed opponents, but can be utilized in unarmed fighting as well. It works by turning the upturned face of the fist into the blade, or attack. Then neutralize it with a sudden twist and muscle pump, then focus the force of the rotation into the instant you connect with the target. It is an offensive and defensive technique at the same time

      Name: Kushinada
      Type: Taijutsu
      Rank: C, B, A, S
      Description: A technique that allows a person to instantly find someone’s or something’s center of gravity from any point, take full advantage of it and then lift them with anything from one finger to their entire body. After this they can toss them effortlessly in many ways such as straight down, up, or into a spinning motion to add momentum before throwing them to the ground.

      C rank = 75 lb
      B rank = 150 lb
      A rank = 225 lb
      S rank = 300 lb

      Name: Koetsuji Mugen
      Type: Taijutsu
      Rank: B
      Description: an attack that meaning infinite regenerating circle because if the user is grabbed, or can grab the opponent he can theoretically “infinitely” throw the user until he chooses to stop or the opponent some how releases himself, but will still result in being thrown at least once. The throw comes from a basic akido throw by shifting the top portion of the body out and the lower in, and then repeating the process until the opponent escape or finds a way to counter. However it has a max of five throws.

      Name: Underwater Breathing
      Type: Taijutsu
      Rank: D
      Requirements: None
      Description: This is a simple taijutsu technique that allows for elongated stamina when underneath water. This increases the time that one can stay underwater. As one increases in rank, the time will increase as well. After Chuunin, strenuous activity can be done while under water without a huge loss of stamina.

      Name: Nige no Mai [Dance of Evasion]
      Type: Taijutsu
      Rank: C
      Requirements: Above Average Agility
      Description: The user focuses chakra throughout their entire body, similar to Shunshin no Jutsu but more controlled. Combined with natural agility, this allows the user to "dance" away from incoming attacks. It is by no means perfect, yet dodging becomes much easier, and what might normally be a killing blow might become a scratch with someone who has perfected the dance.

      *Outen [Roll]
      E-Ranked Taijutsu
      This simple alternative to the Land technique provides its users with a safe landing option. When coming down out of a jump, the user will tuck his/her body and somersault to lower the impact of the landing. Typically, this is best performed by skilled users, as its simplicity is only superficial. While rolling, the user is more vulnerable than s/he would be when using the Land jutsu.

       D-Rank

      *Tobu [Jump]
      D-Ranked Nintaijutsu
      The rudimentary technique of the High Style, Jump requires the user to first perform a single handseal, followed by focusing chakra into the feet. When the user jumps, be it at a standstill or with momentum, the chakra will release in a burst, sending him/her a distance that depends on the amount of chakra placed into the technique. This boost is purely in vertical distance; horizontal distance depends on the user's momentum when this technique is performed, meaning it causes higher jumps, not longer ones. The maximum height that can be gained using this technique, no matter that amount of chakra placed into it, is 30 feet, while the minimum is 5 feet. Each jump with this burst counts as a new use of this technique, and thus requires handseals to be reactivated.

      *Takai Keru [High Kick]
      D-Ranked Taijutsu
      This simple technique begins with the user approaching the opponent and leaping soon before overlapping. The moment the legs come off of the ground, one of the user's legs will stretch straight out to form a simple flying kick. Because the user of this technique is suddenly at a higher position in the air, this attack may surprise the opponent and go past his/her defenses.

      *Kuuchuusasatsu [Aerial Inspection]
      D-Ranked Taijutsu
      Prerequisite: Tobu [Jump]
      This simple taijutsu helps users of this style to study their surroundings on the fly. While in the air, they will make a quick sweep of the area with their eyes, determining objects that can be used for jumping purposes. The higher the user is able to get in the air, the more area they can see utilizing this technique.

      *Chakurikú Surú [Land]
      D-Ranked Nintaijutsu
      Another of the cornerstone techniques of this style, the Land technique requires the user to perform a single handseal and then focus chakra into their feet. As the user lands, this chakra will disperse, balancing his/her weight in the process, and creating a landing with a greatly softened impact. This technique can be held dormant for a maximum of three (3) posts before it will dispel on its own.

       C-Rank

      *Haru [Stick]
      C-Ranked Nintaijutsu
      This variation of the Land technique focuses on vertical surfaces. After forming the necessary handseals, focusing chakra into the feet, and jumping toward a wall or a similar, relatively flat vertical surface, the user will transcend into a position often achieved by using the Act of Tree Climbing technique to soften the impact of the contact. They will be 'stuck' to the vertical surface, clinging to it using the chakra in their feet. Users in this position often move quickly from this position into another jump. As such, Jump can be used while this technique is in use, but be aware that the momentum will be perpendicular to the surface the user is on. Any parallel momentum would have to be gained from speed prior to the jump.

      *Hiku [Drag]
      C-Ranked Taijutsu
      To perform this technique, the user will begin to sprint toward the opponent and then purposely jump past his/her position. As the user passes the target in the air, s/he will grab part of the opponent's attire (usually the shirt). The user will drag foes along the ground before heaving their body over his/her shoulder and slamming it into the ground as he/she comes down from the jump. This technique can be used from any angle of approach, but is best used when coming at the opponent from the front at a diagonal.

      *Ue Ni to Kouhou [Over and Behind]
      C-Ranked Taijutsu
      To begin this technique, the user will sprint and jump over the opponent. As the user goes over the opponent's head, s/he will swing his/her foot backward, attempting to strike the opponent in the back of the head. This technique is mainly to disorient opponents and to gain the advantage of being positioned behind them without being entirely defenseless while getting there.

      *Kata Keru [Shoulder Kick]
      C-Ranked Taijutsu
      When performing this technique, the user will generally approach from the diagonal or from the side of the opponent's position. As the user approaches, s/he will jump behind the opponent, twisting his/her body to kick the opponent on the other side as s/he passes by. This has the advantage of making the opponent look to the right when the attack will come from the left, and vice versa. The most frequent area of contact while using this technique is the shoulder.

      *Gachan Keru [Crash Kick]
      C-Ranked Taijutsu
      This technique requires the user to be in a position that is significantly higher than the opponent. Once in this position, be it atop a building or from a tree, the user will leap down onto the target, leg extended, using gravity to intensify the force of the kick. This technique works best in ambush scenarios, as the opponent can easily move in the time it takes the user to reach the ground. If the kick were to miss, the user runs the risk of causing serious damage to his/her leg unless s/he is able to utilize the Roll or Land technique before making contact with the ground.

      *Bai Chouyaku [Doubled Leap]
      C-Ranked Nintaijutsu
      Prerequisite: Tobu [Jump]
      This advanced form of the Jump technique presents the user with the ability to make a second jump while still in the air. After performing the necessary handseals and focusing chakra into the feet, the user will leap into the air. At the peak of the jump, the chakra will be released in a small burst, allowing the user to jump as though s/he were on solid ground. During this second jump, the user can change his/her direction while still airborne. Otherwise, this technique works much like the Jump technique, giving the user increased vertical height, while all horizontal range is determined on the amount of speed built up before jumping.

       B-Rank

      *Kakuu Soshi Surú [Aerial Interception]
      B-Ranked Taijutsu
      Prerequisite: Hiku [Drag]
      This technique differs from the Drag technique in only one way: it focuses on airborne targets. While the opponent is in the air, the user will attempt to jump higher than the target's current position, grabbing a piece of clothing as s/he passes by on the way up. The user will continue to hold onto the opponent for the duration of the jump, ending the technique by slamming the snagged target into the ground as they land.

      *Kyokugeishi [Acrobat]
      B-Ranked Taijutsu
      Prerequisite: Kuuchuusasatsu [Aerial Inspection]
      After getting a grasp of the suitable objects in the environment, this technique becomes an effective tool for users of this style. By utilizing these objects to their advantage, users are able to swing and jump on anything that's suitable for the task. These acrobatic feats allow the user to stay on the move, in the air, and out of reach as long as there's a way to keep it up. While providing the opponent with a difficult-to-hit target, this technique tends to be a drain of stamina, as the user will constantly be running and jumping while they move about the field.

      *Sandantobi [Hop, Step and Jump]
      B-Ranked Nintaijutsu
      [i]Prerequisite: Tobu [Jump] and Chakurikú Surú [Land]
      Also known as the Multi Leap technique, this jutsu uses a rapid succession of the Jump and Land techniques to soar to great heights. The user will begin by forming the necessary handseals and focusing an ample amount of chakra into his/her feet. The amount of chakra focused is a much greater amount than that used in the aforementioned techniques, as it is necessary to perform the quick transitioning between the two jutsu. Once the technique is prepared, the user will preferably gain momentum and then perform a jump that looks much like one used in the Jump jutsu at its maximum. After doing so, the user will land and leap again, this time with greater vertical height (60 feet). The final jump repeats this process, giving the highest distance traveled of the three jumps at a whopping 120 feet. Generally, this technique is meant to get atop of high buildings and other tall objects and takes the entirety of one of the user's posts to perform.
      Name: Reppuu
      Rank: D
      Type: Taijutsu
      Element: -
      Description: A counter attack in which the ninja uses a low spinning kick on the ankles to make its enemy fall while they are running, using their momentum against their opponent.

      Name: Senpuu
      Rank: D
      Type: Taijutsu
      Element: -
      Description: A 360º spinning kick on the air in which the user will attempt to send an enemy flying.

      Name: Shoufuu
      Rank: C
      Type: Taijutsu
      Element: -
      Description: A rising kick that has the enemy’s chin as a target, used to disarm or rising him up for an air combo. The user will lower their body before performing the kick, allowing them to launch the enemy more efficiently.

      Name: Kage Buyou
      Rank: C
      Type: Taijutsu
      Element: -
      Description: A technique often used after Shoufuu, the user will move at high speeds below an opponent as they're in the air, as if becoming their shadow. Because the move is used so quickly after the enemy is launched into the air, it gives them no time to counter, allowing the user to proceed to strike with ease.

      Name: Dei Senpuu
      Rank: C
      Type: Taijutsu
      Element: -
      Description: This jutsu is the evolution of the Senpuu, in which the user performs an even more furious 360º kick that moves at insane speed, making it faster then Senpuu and better served to react to enemies.

      Name: Dynamic • Action
      Rank: C
      Type: Taijutsu
      Range: 5 m
      Element: -
      Description: Dynamic Action is a taijutsu technique. A ninja will launch themselves at an opponent and then use a barrage of strikes and kicks.

      Name: Dynamic • Entry
      Rank: C
      Type: Taijutsu
      Element: -
      Description: Dynamic Entry is a taijutsu technique. A ninja will often throw a kunai to distract his targets attention (though not necessary), he will then use his/her speed and agility to quickly approach and attack his/her opponent from their blind side.

      Name: Konoha Gouriki Senpuu
      Rank: B
      Type: Taijutsu
      Element: -
      Description: The final evolution of Senpuu, the user will rotate even more furiously by gathering chakra into their limbs before striking, making the spinning blows not only lightning fast but packing quite a bunch. An ideal move against multiple enemies.

      This is my Story

      History/Background Story:
      Birth Ark: Shuzo was born as the only son of the Hideki household. The Hideki were the owners of one of the best casinos in kirigakure and were considered wealthy. He grew up watching games being played in casinos and quickly learned how to play them. Shuzo was mostly isolated from the outside world except for his childhood friend Kori. He and Kori spent a lot of their time playing poker and simple card and dice games; though once they both turned the age of 9 they were enrolled at the academy.

      Academy Ark: As one born with naturally good looks Shuzo immediately became popular at the academy, excelling at almost all subjects. Kori was not as gifted as Shuzo and they gradually saw less and less of each other. At this time Shuzo was still a friendly talkative young boy though things would soon start to change. At the age of 12 both Shuzo and Kori graduated the academy and were put into the same squad as each other by request.

      Genin Ark: As genin Kori and Shuzo were a great team, completing over 20 missions together. Though many of the missions were d rank they occasionally had C rank missions to partake in with a sensei. Everything seemed to be going wonderfully, Shuzo and Kori were becoming great ninja, his parents business was doing great. One night while shuzo was sleeping a small band of rogue ninja snuck into his house and murdered his parents. Though they were not the ninja’s only victims. Many different wealthy homes were attacked and robbed including Kori’s thus resulting in the death of the young ninja. Shuzo hearing the sounds woke up and slowly walked out of his room to see his parents lying dead on the floor, the rogue ninja surrounding them. Outraged Shuzo unleashed a horrendous display of his taijutsu prowess and killed all of the rogue ninja. The next morning Shuzo was found not moving at all as he had cried himself into a coma.

      Chuunin/Transformation Ark: After a month Shuzo awoke from his coma. Though he seemed completely different, he wasn’t the sweet, friendly boy he was before. He was now cold and heartless. The amount of emotional trauma he had been through had been to great for him and had completely altered his personality. He slowly began to learn how to act as if he was a friendly, kind-hearted person even if it was only a ruse. All Shuzo focused on was training and nothing else. After a long year of hard training and injuries he was ready for the chuunin exams. He went to the chuunin exams and dominated them not losing a single match. He was quickly made a chuunin at only the age of 14.

      Missing Ark: About a year after completing the chuunin exams Shuzo began to grow tired of his village as he considered most if not all of them weaklings. He was so reckless he even told his own kage he was leaving. In the dead of night he was able to escape from the prison that was Kirigakure and went on his merry way. After leaving the silly place he traveled for a time until he came across Konoha and decided to join in order to learn new techniques. After proving himself he was made a jounin and now serves Konoha for the time being.

      Roleplay Sample:
      What a lovely night. A bright and shining full moon lighting up the busy streets of the village was always a sign of happiness and joy. Yuko had just finished getting all nice and pretty for a night in the town. She wore a white frilled dress with a short skirt and a red and white upper body piece. A large amount of black and white stripped ribbons were scattered around the dress with one just below each of her shoulders, one on her side, and one on her chest. The upper piece of the dress was frilled at the neck, the shoulders, and at the end of each of the sleeves. The sleeves were quite billowy and were open near the shoulder area. She wore thigh-high rubber boots and her hair was held back with a pin, her hair in a bun. The whole outfit was very formal but it was also functional if the need to battle ever arose, though she really hopes she wouldn’t need to use it in that manner. She walked through the streets with a smile across her face, her big blue eyes slowly scanning the surrounding area for a place to have fun.

      After walking for a short while she found what she was looking for, a game where she had to throw a ball to knock over three bottles that were sitting in a triangle formation, one bottle atop of two. She walked, or rather skipped towards the booth and asked the nice man if she could play a game or two. She paid the man a few ryo and he gave her a ball. The walls were adorned with prizes that one could win, from giant stuffed lions to toy kunai; there was a very impressive collection. But one of the prizes stood out of the others, a large stuffed kitten. It was so adorable that she just had to have it so she threw the ball and missed completely due to her excitement. She had two more tries but with each attempt she only knocked over one or two of the bottles. The man being the gentlemen that he was gave her one last chance to hit the bottles. With that final chance she threw the ball with all her might and end up breaking the table the bottles were on causing the bottles to fall to the ground. Embarrassed she snatched up the large stuffed cat and ran away with it.

      She quickly found an alley and decided to take it in order to hide from what she had just done, but as she ran down the alley she was looking behind her and didn’t see the 3 large men in front of her. Being the clutz that she was she ran face first into the men and fell to the ground, much to their dismay. They slowly walked towards Yuko one of them pulling a knife, telling her not to move and nobody gets hurt. They really shouldn’t have threatened her because just as fast as she had fallen over she had already jumped to her feet and smashed her foot into one of the men’s faces, sending him tumbling backwards with a broken nose. Both of the other men lunged at her but ended up smashing into each other as she had already gotten out of the alley, and began to look for a place to eat. After such unsatisfactory events she was quite famished and searched for a nice restaurant. The only appetizing restaurant she could find was The Civil Café.

      With a few leaps through air she landed directly in front of the entrance causing a few of the villagers to scatter in surprise. She walked through the door ignorant to the people around her which she had just frightened and was quickly given a table. It was around the center of the room but closer towards the back. She sat down and began to survey the area around her, a few average couples and single people sat around chatting as any normal folk would do but she noticed one boy sitting on the far side of the room watching as people walked in and out of the store. That sort of behavior tended to make her uncomfortable because why else would a person just sit around watching people unless he was looking for something.

      With that she sat and waited for a waiter to take her order.


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    Re: Gambit

    Post by Kenji on Thu Oct 18, 2012 3:52 am

    Lets start off with some technique mumbo-jumbo.

    • Seikuken: As long as you change it to where you have to expend the same amount of chakra as the attack(s) instead of a flat C then it's good.
    • Shiraha Nagashi: Put a little more detail into how it works and that the cost would depend on the rank of the attack.
    • Kushinada: Reaction pending opponents reaction as well, as long as you don't godmod then it's all good.
    • Koetsuji Mugen: Same as above.
    • Underwater Breathing: How long? And you can't actually breathe underwater but you can hold your breath longer. (I'm guessing that's what you mean anyway.)
    • Hiku [Drag]: Again with the "as long as you don't godmod" thing.
    • Bai Chouyaku [Doubled Leap]: Up to the same height as the original jump or something else?
    • Kakuu Soshi Surú [Aerial Interception]: "Blah blah blah godmod blah blah blah."
    • Sandantobi [Hop, Step and Jump]: The entirety of an out of combat or solo post, but that would count as three separate posts in combat so others can attempt an intercept.
    • Kage Buyou: Little time sure, "no time" no.

    Apart from that I'd like a little more of a description into clothing if not appearance, such as where he holsters items and weapons, the symbol of his village/headband, stuff like that.

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