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The world in chaos. A fight to the death. The future once more. Do you have what it takes to rebuild the Ninja dream?

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    Zento the Janitor WIP

    Post by Zento the Janitor` on Fri Oct 19, 2012 2:15 am

    Retrieving Ninja Profile.....
    Who... Am I?

      Name:Zento Nara
      Nickname/Alias: The Janitor
      Age: 21
      Gender: male
      Is that really me?
      Appearance: Zento is a tall man. About six foot four. He is skinny with only a weight of one hundred and eighty pounds. He has a scar under his right eye He has dark brown eyes and long black hair. His hair covers down to his nose. He normally has it covering part of his left eye. Covering most of his left side of his face is a broken mask. He has on a white button dress shirt and black dress jacket. He has a black tie but that is hanging down more to his chest and not to his neck like it should be. Zento has a top hat. The color of the hat is pure black and made of of a fine silk. His dress pants are pure black along with his dress shoes. With the Janitors figure he is white and has some muscle tone to him but not much. His close look baggy on him making him look a bit out of shape but he just likes to have lose clothing on. He
      Voice:grown simon voice

      • Reading
      • sleeping
      • going off into space
      • fighting
      • showing his worth
      • cocky people
      • people who want to kill for killing sake.
      • working too much
      • no time for breaks

      Personality:Zento is a very calm guy. Always taking the easy road. Making peace with whoever he meets. He is always calm and collected. He normally gets lost in thought. But when the time comes to it, he is loud and proud. He believes in self respect and the respect of his opponent. When he is fighting he will try to talk them into stopping the fight. He sighs a lot and likes to read books. He always wants to know if there is a higher purpose for his being. As if there was more to life than living. So he likes to push himself into doing all that he can. To find a purpose. He is not big on arguing. He would much rather keep it a calm talk than anything. He enjoys the company of others and joking around a bit. He would love to see how people are doing and get out of the house more. But he enjoys spending some time off and relaxing by himself too. Zento will normally act however he needs to when in a situation.

      When you get to know him, he won't be bothered by you if showing up out of the blue. He will smile and talk a bit more. He would never give up on you and always help you when you need it. He will be friendly and open up more.

      if he doesn't like you, he won't talk to you that much and if he does it is what you need to fix about yourself. Or trying to get you to leave. He will be calm about it and will avoid fighting the person unless it is needed. He would much rather like to just have them out of his life and be gone.

      Clan: nara
      Unique Clan Features:
      It's all coming back to me now..
      Classification: ANBU
      Letter Rank: S
      Village: leaf
      My skills were unmatched..
      -Skill Specialties-
      Available Starting Points:
      • 1.5 points on kenjutsu
      • 2.3 on taijutsu
      • 3. 2 on ninjutsu

      • 1.
      • 2.
      • 3.
      • Comb.
      E: D: C: B:A:S:____________

      Name:100 sword Dance
      Hand Seals:
      Description: the 100 sword dance is a jutsu made by Zento himself. throwing all 100 swords out of his holster on his back, he will have them thrown into the air. Them jumping out and grabing each sword one by one. Slashing at the opponent from different angle 100 times. Then having a wire wrap around all the swords handles and bringing them all close together and kicking it down with great force on top of his opponent.

      Name:The first dance
      Rank: A
      Type: Kenjutsu
      Hand Seals:N/A
      Description:Zento will put on his wired gloves and start to move them around the area. resting them around in a 20 food radious from where he is. He will then move the wires around and go to wrap around opponents arm in order to slice off the opponents arm.

      Name:The Second Dance
      Rank: B
      Type: Kenjutsu
      Hand Seals:N/A
      Description:After using the first dance, Zento will then move tie wires lower down to the ground. biting at a few of them to help pull even faster and slice off the opponents leg

      Name:The third dance
      Rank: S
      Type: Kenjutsu
      Hand Seals:N/A
      Description:Aftter using the second dance, he will use go to finish off his opponent. Gripping the wires and lifting them all up. Wrapping around his opponent and crushing him. Then giving a final pull, he willhave the wires slice through the opponent. The wires around his hands and wrists are safe from his wires by the gloves and cause then to not cut off his hands. But will strain his wrists and hands

      Name:Wire shield
      Rank: B
      Type: kenjutsu
      Hand Seals:N/A
      Description:Using his wired gloves, Zento will make a square. The box can be used to stop projectile attacks and chance the direction of them.

      Hand Seals:

      Hand Seals:

      Hand Seals:
      This is my Story
      History/Background Story: Roleplay Sample:

      Current date/time is Thu Jan 24, 2019 10:20 am