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    Chakra Information


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    Chakra Information

    Post by Echo on Fri Jun 25, 2010 11:25 pm


    Chakra can best be described as power or energy a ninja needs in order to perform techniques. It is probably the most important element in fighting for ninjas. Chakra consists of two main parts: the body energy and spiritual energy. Body energy can be tapped into from the cells in your body. The faster your cells move around in your body the more energy you have. Body energy provides strength for a ninja's mind. Spiritual energy is usually acquired from certain experiences in training or battle. Spiritual energy can be best described as an adrenaline rush or extra burst of energy. This may come in handy when a ninja is very tired and worn out.

    Controlling, Building, and Protecting
    Controlling chakra during battle is one of the most important aspects in fighting. Another important part is to being able to build chakra to perform techniques. Building chakra is essential if you want to perform Genjutsu and Ninjutsu techniques correctly. Stamina also plays a big part in this. In order to create chakra you must convert it from stamina. When you perform techniques you not only release chakra but also stamina. Being unable to control your chakra can end up being deadly. If you release too small of an amount, the technique you tried to perform will fail. If you use too much chakra you may end up severely hurting or killing yourself. A ninja must have a certain amount of chakra in their body to live.

    Circulator System
    In addition to the circulatory system in your body to transfer blood, ninjas also has a circulatory system to transport chakra. Instead of having veins and arteries, chakra is transported from certain pipes and passage ways. Chakra is released by traveling through this system and out. Since the chakra circulatory system goes around many important organs, when the circulatory system is attacked and damaged, your organs may be damaged as well. There are 361 openings in the chakra circulatory system in your body. This opening is called the Tenketsu. When the Tenketsus are blocked you will be unable to perform any techniques. The Byakugan has the ability to neutralize all the holes so chakra cannot flow. It is very important to protect yourself from these types of attacks.

    Chakra Gates
    Chakra gates are gates in the body that are used as limiters for chakra. They regulate the flow of chakra throughout a person's body to prevent someone from going beyond his/her body's control. But by using a move like the Primary Lotus, which opens 3 gates, the user can release some of the limits on the body. This means the body can move at a much higher rate and with more power. Opening a gate increases chakra flow temporarily, but by doing this, it means the user puts an incredible amount of force on his/her body which can result in massive injury. There are 8 gates in a body. If all 8 are opened, the body no longer has any limits and can move as fast as it wants. But opening all 8 gates is often fatal and depending on the move, it can kill the user.

    Chakra Types
    There are five different types of chakra: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, and Lighting. The Uchiha clan tends to have the fire type of chakra, although Sasuke can use both lightning and fire. Kakashi is of the lightning type. Naruto is of the wind type. Most Jōnin can use at least two types of chakra. Using two types of chakra at the same time is often a result of a bloodline limit. For Haku, he used water and wind types to create ice. Yamato uses earth and water to create wood. To find out the type of chakra a ninja uses they use paper from a tree that feeds off of chakra. If the paper splits you're type of chakra is wind, if it bursts into flames yours is fire, gets soggy its of water, the paper crumples if you are of lightning, and it turns to dust if you are of earth chakra.

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