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The world in chaos. A fight to the death. The future once more. Do you have what it takes to rebuild the Ninja dream?

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    Agatou Seichou (W.I.P)

    Post by Seichou Agatou on Thu Oct 25, 2012 12:33 am

    Retrieving Ninja Profile.....Who... Am I?
      Name: Seichou Agatou
      Nickname/Alias: Light Bearer. Lord of the skies
      Age: 21
      Gender: Male

      Is that really me?
      Appearance: Seichou is described by most as a rather handsome man he has short black hair which is almost always styled in a messy manner which stops just before the center of his forehead allowing full view of his lucid obsidian colored eyes. His body is rather toned instead of bulky due to his extensive training although there is one thing that sets Seichou apart from everyone else in kirigakure. His right arm isn't of flesh and bone no it's replaced with a mechanical version of the missing limb although it is capable of functioning just like the original even down to being able to have chakra focused into it. While moving down to his legs they are just as toned as the rest of the mans body his complexion is that of a sun kissed man and there are no visible scars or blemishes.
      Clothing: In terms of attire Seichou is truly in a league of his own the only thing that he wears that one can use to identify that he is a shinobi is the kirigakure headband visible around his neck although the headband itself is more along the lines of a spiked choker. Under said choker is a sleeveless monochromatic vest that is almost like a skintight body suit and moving down are black pants with a rope belt attached around the waist which contains Seichou's sheathed weapon on the outside is a large overcoat with bits of black fur attached to the collar which contrasts to the coats white color hanging off the three tails of the coat are multiple black belts which have silver crosses attached to their heads.
      Weight: 120 lbs
      Height: 5'9
      Ethnicity: Japanese
      • Rain storms
      • Beautiful women
      • Swords
      • Training
      • Exciting battles

      • Weaklings
      • Ugly women
      • Sandstorms
      • Dull moments
      • The color green

      Unique Clan Features:
      It's all coming back to me now..
      Classification:Legendary Mist swordsman
      Letter Rank:A

      My skills were unmatched..-Skill Specialties-
      Available Starting Points:10/10
      • 1.Ninjutsu (Master)
      • 2.Kenjutsu Artisan
      • 3.Taijutsu Novice
      • 1. Raiton (Lightning)
      • 2. Suiton (Water)
      • 3.
      • Adv. Hikariton (Light)
      E: D: C: B:A:S:_____________Name: Rank: Type: Hand Seals:Element: Description:
      This is my Story
      History/Background Story:

      Roleplay Sample:

      Current date/time is Thu Jan 24, 2019 11:38 am