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The world in chaos. A fight to the death. The future once more. Do you have what it takes to rebuild the Ninja dream?

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    The Sword of Loyalty [WIP]

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    The Sword of Loyalty [WIP]

    Post by Anberlin Deathwave on Fri Oct 26, 2012 9:20 am

    Retrieving Ninja Profile.....

    Who... Am I?

      Name: Abigail Yamanaka

      Nickname/Alias: Anberlin of the Deathly Waves, Deathwave, Anima Construct.

      Age: 21

      Gender: Male

      Is that really me?

      Appearance: Although he is of a mixed birth, he was not given the abilities of his fathers clan. He was only capable of having the trait of having clear white eyes, without any of the required knowledge or correct d.n.a to use the Byakugan, however from his mothers side of the family his traits were seen more apparent and prominent. Due to his birth, and abandonment by his father, he was actually rushed to go live with his mothers clan, which happened to be the Yamanaka. He usually wears the apparel of that clan alone, and often will not mention that he was the son of a hyuuga. He has a birth mark on his forehead which symbols the mark of the beast, but this is due to the fact that his flesh was scarred heavily when he had to be transplanted into a donor mother. As his birth would of severely killed his own mother if he had not been born in another host. In order to cope with his own self-hatred, he has sharpened his teeth to a fine point, and has an unnaturally elongated tongue. His hair was long and white until he shaved it down and his body is well built for his age. He seems to be everything stereotypical of a black man, in every way shape and form. He is often dressing in uniquely designed costumes due to his lack of give a fuck. Most people in the Yamanaka clan are beautiful, this was not the case in terms of Abigail. He often wears all his equipment on his right, as he is left-handed. After a botched mission his face had been granted a massive scar but due to some expert healing on the behalf of the village medics his face and teeth and eyes changed drastically. Now he is one of the most beautiful people to ever walk the Earth and his eyes are a deep and alluring purple. Basically allowing finally his Yamanaka traits to come into play. But by this time it did nothing to change his mentality.

      Clothing: He usually finds himself wearing the traditional garbs of a Jounin whenever he is seen around the village. Or so that was the way it was until he was hand-picked by the illustrious Kage to be integrated into the group known as the Seven Swordsman of the Mist. He was able to wear clothing of his choice and that came in the form of a large onyx cloak with a hood that covered his face from most angles. On the back of this cloak like object the symbol of the mist village is emblazoned in bright cyan. Underneath came in the apparel of a green vest over a white undershirt. He wore black pant-like material that were tight fitting to his body and full black sandals. On his back is the holster for his weapon. Which is an over the shoulder sheath that is quite skinny in size. He typically wears nothing other than this outfit, unless he is in private in which he wears what appears to be a suit that is tan in color. Which he is rarely seen in.

      Weight: 200lbs

      Height: 6'0ft

      Ethnicity: African American

      Voice: His voice is that of a Celtic God. One of manly godliness that has been able to provide girls with instant swoon. He speaks in complex sentences, and almost as if he speaks in code. His metaphors and grammatical prowess for the educational sentence structures he is able to construct are rivaled only by those from the island of New Zealand. Not even a man of Ireland can speak with the swagger that this man carries. Though I am aware Ireland does not exist here. His voice is powerful, and commanding. His entity, and his being, all stem from his voice. He is truly, a man with style and grace, and it all stems from his voice. Though, his voice and his personality seem to contradict one another, if only in small ways.

      • Massacres:
      • Reputations:
      • Sexual Intercourse:
      • Missions:
      • Training:

      • Lesbians:
      • Teams:
      • Ignorance:
      • Brown Nosers:
      • Overconfidence:



      Clan: Yamanaka

      Unique Clan Features:

      It's all coming back to me now..

      Classification: Swordsman of the Mist

      Letter Rank: A

      Village: Kirigakure

      My skills were unmatched..

      -Skill Specialties-

      Available Starting Points:

      • 1.
      • 2.
      • 3.


      • 1.
      • 2.
      • 3.
      • Comb.



      Hand Seals:

      This is my Story

      History/Background Story:

      Roleplay Sample:

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