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    Monica Raybrant (Due to char swap, lost approval post)


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    Monica Raybrant (Due to char swap, lost approval post)

    Post by Echo on Fri Jun 25, 2010 11:34 pm

    ~General Information~

    Name: Monica Raybrant

    Nickname/Alias: Underlord, Monic

    Weight: 103lb

    Height: 5'6"

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female


    Monica has long, solid black hair, that extends down to the bottom of her rear. It is very long in the back and hangs down straight, and gets longer towards the center giving the bottom of her hair in the back a U sort of look, or a V look. Monica has somewhat messy, long bangs that sometimes hang around her eyes, though her eyes are nearly always visible. She has two long strips of hair that rest over her shoulders as well, but are not as long as her hair that hangs in the back. Monica has black eyes, which is a rarity among females, and smooth skin with no scars or any marks. She nearly always has her fingernails painted a dark grey color. Both her fingernails, and her toenails.

    Clothing: She normally always wears black red and white. As seen in the picture above. She wears a wide black neck choker with a red circle in the middle that has a symbol of the village she leads on it. Instead of a headband representing the village, Monica decided she would have a choker made instead. Monica hwears a long, plain black dress like body piece that is all one piece, and covers from her chest, down to her thighs like a short skirt. On her arms are black sleeves that are not attached to the center black piece, and start under her shoulders on her upper arm, and extend down to the middle of her fingers. The top of the sleeves are tight, and they get more and more loose as they go down, leaving end at the sleeve where Monica's hands are. On her upper body she also wears a red, sleeveless vest with very large arm holes, and has a white line lining each side of the opening of the vest in the front, which is not completely closed.

    On her waist, over the black one piece that she wears over her skin, is a red plain skirt that is open in the front, and is much longer in the back, allowing some of her black one piece short skirt to be seen from the front under it. Some of her leg is visible, though only until it begins to be covered by a small portion of the red stockings she wears that cover above her knee, her knee, and under her knee until it meets the tall black boots she wears. The boots have high, wide heels giving her a few extra inches of height. There are two small white buckles on each inner side of the boots, and on the back of the heel is a white sideways oval like design.

    Additional Outfits: Monica can be seen wearing anything from large white tees, to only her undergarments. Whenever she is outside of her home, she normally always wears her regular ninja clothing shown in the picture above.

    Personality: Monica is a fun, yet straight forward girl who though is a kage, acts young and free. Sh eis never really worried what other say about her, and csometimes gives off an "Emotionless" appearance towards others. Despite how young she is, and how beautiful she may be, she is a powerful Shinobi that leads the underground village known as Shitagakure. She is respected by all of her village members, and though is a leader, some still thinks she is just a child.

    ~Clan Information~

    Clan Name: Rythematic

    Kekei Genkai: Members of this clan have the ability to mix fire with wind in a more unique way then someone would imagine, creating a ability known as "Rythme". They will be able to send out incredibly hot heat waves that can, or cant be seen by the human eye. Heat that at Kage rank, can reach approximately 4 million degrees Fahrenheit. When a wave is sent out and if it hot enough, they will appear as a red transparent wave varying in size that is sent in a direction, capable of destroying, or melting physical objects, as well as destroying mist around the area, evaporating water, or used in many different unique ways. This can also be used like "Visible Heat", like someone would see on the surface of concrete on a hot day. When this KKG is used at least once, the area around the user will become much hotter, and be able to reach incredibly heats, enough to burn those who come to close.

    Members who use this repeatedly, will sometimes require a small "Chakra Release", which cools down the body from all the heat at an instant. When this happens, a burst of chakra will release from the body, and surround the user allowing a incredibly fast cool down. Members who have reached a higher rank of this Kekkei Genkai, have also been able to store their chakra in the form of an object, allowing them to constantly use its ability without having to use a release. In some cases, many different things can be made, such as a pendant, bracelet, mask, hat, piece of clothing, or anything of the users abilities.

    When the item is put on, users will gain much more control over Rythme, and be able to use it at a much quicker, and hotter pace. Members also get a boost in speed, power, accuracy, senses, and a big boost in chakra (20%).

    Monica's item is the red pendant in the center of the choker on her neck, that bears the symbol of Shitagakure.

    Clan Symbol:

    The clan symbol normally forms on different locations once enough chakra has been used for this KKG, similar to a "Battle Ready Tag". When the KKG is used enough, this mark will appear as a live flame on many different parts of the body, depending on the user. Monica's symbol forms on the top of her chest.

    Clan History: The history of the clan has been lost in text for many, many years, ever since the end of the 5th great Shinobi war. Legends say that a creature who was born from the heavy heats of the sun itself infused itself within the spiritual cycle of birth, and one random person was gifted with this mutation at birth. And for some strange reason, the abilities would only be passed on to one of the wielders children. Even if they were to have more then one, only one child got the gift of power.

    Ability Summary: Incredibly hot heat waves, manipulation over the temperature in the area, as well as manipulation over heat. Immune to own heat.

    ~Rank/Village Information~

    Classification: Ikakage

    Letter Rank: S

    Village: Shitagakure

    ~Skill Information~

    Skill Specialty:

    • Main: Kenjutsu
    • Sub: Ninjutsu

    Elemental Affinity:

    • Main: Fire
    • Main: Wind
    • Sub: Rythme

    Special Characteristics: Kage of Shitagakure. Incredibly fast hand seals that even Sharingan would have a very hard time reading.

    ~History/RP Sample~

    History/Background Story:

    Academy: Monica's academy days were no different from any other ninja's. Everyday after school, she would run home, grab a snack, then run to her friends house where she would meet up with the 3 of them, and play around the village. They would help each other out in tests, and help each other pass exams. Monica did really well, much better then the others did, which caused a drastic thing to happen to her. Monica, one day, was returning home from school, after the final exams, allowing her to pass on to Genin rank. Though she passed it easily, her friends failed, and were held back a few months, to re take it. Her friends blamed it on Monica, for apparently not helping them out that much, even though she has, and decided they would get back at her for it.

    Genin: Monica, after returning home from becoming a Genin, ran back out for another happy, and fun day with her friends, though the day wasn't going to go as she had planned. Upon arriving to the area she meets her friends, they were all already there, and looked a little pissed off. Monica slowly walked to them asking what was wrong as they stared at her angrily, before one of them grabbed her arm with a lot of pressure making it hurt. Monica looked at them, trying to shake his hand off her, wondering what was going on, she figured they must be mad at her for some reason. tragically, they beat on her for something that wasn't even her fault, leaving her wounded, and unable to move on the floor, thought luckily, after they had left her, someone who was walking by noticed her there and ran up to help her. Once she had gotten better, she began doing missions she was sent on by the village Jounin, or the Kage himself. Now afraid of her only best friends, they often threatened her, and attempted to strike her multiple times now that they had passed to Genin. Shortly after, she had passed to Chuunin, and the friends she once had, were never to be seen again, leaving her emotionally scarred of what else might happen.

    Chuunin: After becoming a Chuunin, and being deserted by her best friend in her previous rank, Monica was left alone with no one to go to. Her parents died of old age, and her house was later rented off to another family, she was left wandering the streets for days. After days of wandering, Monica heard someone calling out to her. Not exactly saying her name, but she just knew someone was calling her. Turning around, she saw an old man with a mustache calling her. Monica approached the man, not even knowing who he was, showing how desperate she was to find a new home. Without even knowing it, she had just approached the Ikakage. The Ikakage invitered her to his home as if she was a daughter to him. He had no children, and only nephews that lived far away in another village. From there on, Monica was made the Ikakage's new successor. Trined under him, and was promoted through the ranks quickly.


    After long days of training, Monica was finally promoted to Jounin by the Ikakage himself. He was very proud of her, his new successor. The one who would take the role of Ikakage once he passes away. Though Monica did know know what her future had planned, she was happy she turned around that day and found this man.


    Shortly after becoming a Jounin, the Ikakage passed away from his old age. Monica was left sad, and once again without anything, though his will was unknown to her. All she wanted was a family she could stay with for the rest of her life. Considering she was trained by the Ikakage himself, Monica was invited to join a group known as the ANBU Black-Ops. Shortly after joining that group, it was announced that the new kage would be Monica Raybrant, leaving her in a little shock. Accepting her role as the Ikakage, and now leading the Village hidden in the earth.

    Roleplay Sample: say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

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