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    Matsuda Kohei

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    Matsuda Kohei

    Post by Czechit on Tue Oct 30, 2012 1:15 pm

    Retrieving Ninja Profile.....

    Who... Am I?

      Name: Matsuda Kohei

      Nickname/Alias: Though he hasn't been able to get attached to anyone enough for things such as nicknames, Kohei does tend to find himself called "Wanderer", "Bard", "Storyteller", or -- by those who don't particularly like him -- "Scoundrel."

      Age: 23

      Gender: Male

      Is that really me?

      Appearance: Matsuda seems to be in fairly decent form. He stands at an average height for a male, if not a little shorter. Every muscle in his body is conditioned for combat, but not in a manner that would make him beefy or large. He is, in no way, the shape of man one things of when the words "well-built" are brought into a description. His muscles are thin and wiry, his build more akin to that of a panther than a bull. Still, veins protrude around the backs of his hands and his arms, his skin -- lightly tanned by years at sea -- pulled tight. This remains true in every are but his face, where the skin is just beginning to sag into wrinkles around the corners of his eyes. Most attribute these wrinkles to his wide grin, though some factor it in with the other tell-tale signs of early aging.

      Matsuda's hair is kept in a long, well-kept ponytail. This ponytail reaches down his back to his shoulder blades, and is generally kept in place by a length of rope or wire and a bandanna. His hair is a light brown, just barely dusted with a hint of gray here and there; hardly noticeable without looking very closely. His eyebrows, body hair, and facial hair are all about the same color with the same hint of gray. This is one of the main reasons Matsuda's face rarely ever has hair or even stubble on it. His arms and legs, however, are thick with the light brown hair; some have teased him, likening him to a bear. His eyelashes are a little longer and fuller than a man's typically is, but few people take much of an issue with this fact.

      The face of a storyteller. That's what Matsuda claims to have. His eyes wrinkle around the corner, giving an accent of elderly wisdom to even the most childish of grins. Matsuda's eyes are a deep brown. They have a solid nature to them, as well, crystalline in a way. His eyes give way to a reflection of what he sees, and some could swear they see themselves exactly as he sees them in that reflection. It's the way he sees things that make his face a storyteller's though. Always taking in details so insignificant one wouldn't think to take not of them. His eyes reflect this in the way they seem to linger of every last thing before him. Besides those eyes and the wrinkles to them, there isn't much else to be described as a "storyteller's," though. A broad nose, lips that fall somewhere between the dimensions of full and thin and pale and colorful. He has a forehead about the average size for a normal person, though it's looking larger and larger the more his hair begins to recede. His teeth are in fairly decent condition, though close examination reveals the slightest hint of yellowing from years he's been trying to recover from.

      Matsuda is a shinobi, and as such one would expect scars. One might not expect such severe ones, though. Matsuda has a scar that runs straight along his collar bone, thick and pale against his lightly-tanned skin. Another runs up the side of his right leg, another stretches from the back of his left hand -- about at the middle finger's knuckle -- straight up to his elbow. Possibly more striking than any of the others, however, are the thin, silvery scars that stripe his back like a Pollock painting.

      Clothing: Matsuda prefers and odd style of dress in comparison to his Shinobi allies. He wears loosely-fitting pants, allowing for extra maneuverability, and a loose-fitting, low v-neck white shirt, if he even wears any shirt at all. Strapped to his waist is a belt with no buckle, just knotted at the middle. It is so long that a length of extra belt hangs down to his knee. Attached to his belt are his coin purse, kunai holster, and shuriken containers. Matsuda enjoys jewelry and generally wears at least one necklace, three wings, and one ear ring. He has enough that he could wear five or six of each, though. He likes to wear his hair with a length of wire tying together and a bandanna holding back the loose strands from his face.

      Weight: 143

      Height: 5'7"

      Ethnicity: Caucasian

      Voice: Kohei has a storyteller's voice. It's a happy medium of soft and loud, high and low, and gravelly and smooth. He can manipulate it with a fair amount of mastery, becoming the voice of a barmaid one second and a mighty giant the next. When speaking plainly his voice is just that: plain. There isn't really anything remarkable about it. Typically not very animated, it falls right in the middle of most descriptive words related to a voice, as stated above.

      • Stories
      • Profit
      • Humor/Trickery
      • Knowledge
      • Blades
      • His ship
      • Kitsune

      • Charity
      • Mizukage
      • Chuunin Exams
      • Land
      • Sobriety

      Personality: Matsuda is, in a word, complicated; most people are. He has a good heart somewhere deep beneath his unquenchable thirst for profit and a good story and undeniably inhuman ability to shut down sympathy, a code of honor in a line of work that typically has none, and a great deal of humor and mischief still left in him despite the seriousness of his career. There's also the matter of his eyes, which we will get to later on. For now, I'll break this down into segments.

      First, I suppose, to best understand Matsuda is to learn to understand a storyteller. A storyteller is a man of memory, imagination, and narcissism. There's no getting around that last fact. A truly humble storyteller can't exist, because they exist for the chance to have a crowd captivated by their voice. Matsuda has a great fascination with tales and legends; he will take every chance he can get to add a new one to his arsenal, even sometimes allowing a good story to be traded for the same value as actual money. Before even profit comes the collection of knowledge, and in this manner Matsuda is a scholar. He is unconditionally riveted be a well-told story, and constantly seeking to improve his own by watching other experts recount the tales of a local hero or a wondrous event. Not a stranger to note-taking, Matsuda has learned to write in a short-hand that allows him to fully absorb his surroundings while still taking down notes of things he should remember. He finds multi-tasking to be essential in all aspects of his life and always finds the best way to improve that skill. The other aspect to storytelling is imagination. Matsuda has entire worlds of fantasy building up in his head, ready to pour out at any moment. He is constantly thinking, creating, writing, and editing stories in his head, and sometimes on paper. Because of this knack for creativity, however, Matsuda tends to jump to ridiculous conclusions; trying to make the world so much more interesting than it already is. When it's clearly a simple breaking and entering and all he needs to do is hunt down a burglar, Matsuda will be entirely convinced that he has found himself in the midst of a feuding war over territory between two underground criminal organizations. Sometimes his stories aren't all that far off the mark. He isn't, however, delusional. He simply enjoys absorbing himself in his stories, to more than what one would generally call a "normal extent." Finally comes narcissism. Matsuda has no illusions about this aspect of his personality. He loves the attention, the feeling of knowing a crowd of people is entirely focused on him, and the warmth he basks in when admiration pours from anyone in his direction.

      Next comes mischief, profit, and a good heart. Matsuda is good-natured and rarely enjoys shedding blood. He is, however, very determined and industrious. When need-be, Matsuda is capable of completely shutting down and forcing himself in a numb, zombie-like state. This is generally how he finds himself in a fight. With this aspect of himself buried deep down, always there when he needs his shelter, Matsuda has the potential to be a ruthless, cold, calculative villain willing to do anything and everything to get what he seeks. This generally only comes to light when Matsuda is attempting to loot a ship, or when he finds that a fight is going to become inevitable. Matsuda is still, however, tortured by these evil acts. Not so much that he'll stop them, but he can recall every last person he's harmed or killed in great detail. Everything that he learned about them sticks with him. He blames this on his "Bard's Curse," which is simply his ability to remember stories in such vivid detail that recounting them is second nature. Matsuda has been attracted to profit since his first pay-check. He is constantly hoarding his wealth, and will rarely spend it on anything that isn't absolutely necessary. The two areas he will ever splurge in are gift-giving and things related to his Cry of the East. His ship is the closest thing that Matsuda's had to family since he moved away from his parents to become a shinobi. He will make an repairs, add any superfluous beautification, and do anything to make his ship as wonderful as it possibly can be. Finally, mischief. Matsuda has never entirely grown up. He has become quite the fan of pulling pranks. Pick pocketing and sleight of hand are his favorite mediums for this, though he has often been known to use his storyteller's charm to convince people of inaccurate statements or make them look like asses. This is where Matsuda finds most of his amusement, and the one area in which he will still allow himself to remain truly a child for life.

      Now, for the eyes. Ultimate cliché right here, eyes are the window to the soul. Taking in Matsuda's appearance, nothing would scream out to a stranger "old," "mature," or "wise." But those eyes hold some serious depth to them. Crystallized by an aging process too extreme over too short a period of time, they seem almost hardened. Not like a criminal's, but the kind that old men get when they've seen too much and have too many stories to tell. The kind that get so hard they begin to reflect back to you everything you see in yourself. Those who haven't met a man or woman with these eyes before won't fully grasp the meaning of this description, but simply know that Matsuda has seen many a horror, and committed them himself. So while his eyes sometimes spark with mischief or humor, and while they may burn with the passion of a wonderful story or simmer with scholarly fascination, they will always remain hard and wise. He will always have advice to give to those who listen; he's just old enough now that he knows they won't.

      Finally, the sea. The sea has been Matsuda's escape for longer than he could ever remember. At first it was fishing, swimming, or just sitting on the shore and staring. But since he obtained a ship of his own a few years back, Matsuda has found that the best way to keep himself sane -- and sometimes make a profit -- is to take to the seas and sail for a while. Usually, if he's sailing, Matsuda is much more calm and collected. Much less likely to make a rash decision. The only other time Matsuda has ever felt quite so secure is when he's told stories. So the sea is his love, and he'll never break from it. Not for anything.

      Clan: Kohei

      Unique Clan Features: The Kohei can have developed a master over Gokinton -- Alloy Style -- which allows them to manipulate metals on a much higher level than a simple "metal style" would. Similar to sand manipulation, the user of this style is able to control metals as if by second nature. However, he is not able to change the properties of any metal in any way. The farthest this can go is using chakra to keep a metal in liquid form, or solidify it into solid form.

      It's all coming back to me now..

      Classification: Jounin

      Letter Rank: A

      Village: Kirigakure no Sato

      My skills were unmatched..

      -Skill Specialties-

      Available Starting Points: 10

      • 1. Kenjutsu - Artisan (4)
      • 2. Ninjutsu - Artisan (4)
      • 3. Fuuinjutsu - Adept (2)


      • 1. Suiton -- "Water Style"
      • 2. Fuuton -- "Wind Style"
      • 3. Gokinton -- "Alloy Style"
      • Comb.


      D: 1
      C: 4
      B: 4
      A: 1
      S: 1

      Name: Soredemo Nami - Still Wave
      Rank: C
      Type: Ninjutsu
      Hand Seals: One
      Element: Suiton
      Description: This is a simple technique which allows a Suiton user to cause a wave in still water. C-ranked ninja can only make a wave akin to those pushing up against a beach shore. B-ranked ninja can create a slightly larger wave, about waist-height of an average male. A-ranked ninja can create prolonged waves a small length taller than those of a B-ranked ninja, allowing for ease of travel. S-ranked ninja can create waves that will last for hours at the height of an A-ranked ninja, or a single wave as high as twenty-feet tall.

      Name: Tejina - Sleight of Hand
      Rank: D
      Type: -
      Hand Seals: -
      Element: -
      Description: Through the use of adept fingers and long hours training, a Shinobi capable in this art is able to palm small objects, pickpocket, or perform other delicate tasks without anyone being the wiser. Skilled people with trained eyes might be able to follow the movements or catch something shifty, but with this technique it is easy to trick normal people and those less focused.

      Name: Katorasu - Cutlass
      Rank: B
      Type: Nin/Ken
      Hand Seals: Yes
      Element: Suiton
      Description: This is a simple technique which allows the Shinobi using it to form a blade of pressurized water, like a chain saw, around his main hand. The blade extends two feet and can cut through a solid block of wood. It can deflect metal weapons, but is only about as hard as steel at its strongest. Used by any other than an S-ranked Shinobi and the blade won't make it through. However, anything coming in contact with the blade will either be cut up or deflected by the constant movement of the water, forced in the direction the tip is facing.

      Name: Umi No Sukauto - Sea Scout
      Rank: C
      Type: Ninjutsu
      Hand Seals: Yes
      Element: Suiton
      Description: A shinobi who utilizes this technique is able to animate a small animal from water. The animal is entirely clear -- it's made of pure water -- and can report back to a shinobi any message fifteen words or shorter.

      Name: Bōdinguakkusu - Boarding Ax
      Rank: B
      Type: Ninjutsu
      Hand Seals: Yes
      Element: Fuuton
      Description: This technique allows the user to create two things. The first is an ax about the size of a battle-ax, forged from Fuuton Chakra which makes it an extremely powerful wood-cutting tool. It also, however, has a catch to the top of its blade so that when it is thrown into the side of a boat it'll get stuck. The second part is a length of wind chakra which can be used by the Shinobi utilizing this technique to swing over to where the ax is, or pull the ax back.

      Name: Gokinton; Asewokaku - Alloy Style; Sweat
      Rank: C
      Type: Ninjutsu
      Hand Seals: No
      Element: Gokinton
      Description: Asewokaku is a Kohei technique that allows the user to excrete a silver metal from their pores like sweat. This metal comes out slowly, only producing as quickly as a heavy sweat might, and can only create, in maximum, enough metal to form a long spear.

      Name: Gokinton; Buki-ko - Alloy Style; Armory
      Rank: C
      Type: Ninjutsu
      Hand Seals: Yes
      Element: Gokinton
      Description: This is a basic Kohei clan technique that allows a user to manipulate their alloy into the form of any weapon they choose. They can then manipulate the weapon, causing it to fight on its own, or taking it up in their own hand.

      Name: Gokinton; Shīsu - Alloy Style; Sheath
      Rank: B
      Type: Fuuinjutsu
      Hand Seals: Yes
      Element: Gokinton
      Description: By using the silvery metal that Kohei members are capable of producing and manipulating, the user can etch a seal into their own flesh. This takes the form of a silvery japanese character. The seal is then used to store weaponry.

      Name: Gokinton; Kajiya - Alloy Style; Smith
      Rank: B
      Type: Ninjutsu
      Hand Seals: No
      Element: Gokinton
      Description: By weaving chakra into the metal in a complicated fashion, using both hammer and forge as mediums, a member of the Kohei clan can turn their Gokinium into a solid metal, forging it into a weapon. Forging of a weapon costs in Ryo the same amount as buying a weapon. To forge a weapon with Kajiya the user must make a topic in which they forge the weapon, following all the same rules as training for an B-ranked jutsu.

      Name: Gokinton; Farankusu - Alloy Style; Phalanx
      Rank: A
      Type: Ninjutsu
      Hand Seals: Yes
      Element: Gokinton
      Description: A more advanced form of Buki-ko, Farankusu grants the user the ability to form their metal into any shape, organic or inorganic, that they choose, even being able to, at certain levels, form small animals out of the metal. This requires much more focus, and as such can't be combined with another jutsu.

      Name: Gokinton; Kobito no okurimono - Alloy Style; Dwarf's Gift
      Rank: S
      Type: Ninjutsu/Fuuinjutsu
      Hand Seals: Yes
      Element: Gokinton
      Description: This technique combines the use of fuuinjutsu and ninjutsu, along with the Kajiya technique to forge extraordinary weapons. These happens have unique and powerful abilities and each is marked with the Kohei clan symbol. The only limit on what these abilities can be is the limit on what can be approved. Forging a weapon costs the same as buying one. To forge a weapon with Kobito no Okurimono the user must make a topic in which they forge the weapon, following all the same rules as training for an S-ranked jutsu.

      This is my Story

      History/Background Story:
      Matsuda's father once said that he was born on the sea. His father was a fisherman, his mother an herbalist and owner of a small apothecary. When Matsuda's father would go on long trips, sometimes his mother would come along, especially when she was pregnant. Staying behind and worrying was no better for her health than being a rocky ship; or so she said. So, Matsuda was born on a small fishing vessel. This, Matsuda believes, is where he got his connection to the sea. Either way, Matsuda was a natural at sailing, swimming, fishing, and anything else related to the sea.

      As a child, Matsuda didn't play much. As a toddler he did, throwing around toys and food and anything else he could pick up, but as soon as he turned six, he was either helping his father or his mother. It was their firm belief that a child was meant to help his parents, and so he began at the youngest age possible. He would alternate between the two parents; though even at that young of an age Matsuda knew he'd much rather be helping out the one who would take him to the water. He learned to swim at the age of seven because of his proximity to the sea. Even though he wasn't big enough yet, Matsuda even learned most of the steps to sailing a small vessel by the time he was nine. Periodically throughout this time period, however, he was taking classes at the Kirigakure Shinobi Academy.

      At the age of twelve, a typical age for a Shinobi, Matsuda graduated with flying colors. He entered the world as a Genin, ready to shine bright. That is, until he was assigned his Sensei. This was an evil man, even beyond what the rumors might have said about the "Bloody Mist." He forced Matsuda to move into the village where he lived and work, and never return to his family. Matsuda eventually broke his Sensei down into allowing him to send his paychecks back home to help his parents, with a letter once a month. However, if Matsuda ever stepped out of line, his paycheck and letter that month would be null and void; kept by the Sensei. Even worse than that were the lashings. Fifteen lashes every time Matsuda did something wrong, with a whip made of water and ninjutsu. Eventually, though Matsuda and his team of genin would enter the Chuunin exam; primarily to escape their Sensei and partially because they thought they were ready.

      I say they thought they were ready because Matsuda would be the only one from his village to make it out alive and in one piece. The only others to make it out with their lives were a girl - Kitsune - and three boys. Each of them suffered injuries so crippling it is believed they would never be able to perform another Shinobi mission again. The girl was a member of Matsuda's team, and Matsuda would end up blaming himself for her injury. He would have been content to be a fisherman but Kitsune. Kitsune really, really wanted to be a shinobi. She was a brilliant medic and had a few strange traits believed to be tied to her mother's side of the family, though no one really brought them up. Either way, she would never be a Shinobi again and Matsuda blamed himself. So she moved into his apartment, and he moved into a ship.

      What his Sensei hadn't known was that even on the months where he confiscated Matsuda's pay, Matsuda had saved a small portion for himself on the side. He'd been saving up for years, and finally had the money to buy himself a boat. It was an exotic, foreign-looking ship that he would end up naming "The Cry of the East." Matsuda's life would become a regular pattern now. Take missions, lead squadrons, take care of Kitsune, take to the sea when everything became too much. His life would continue like this until he was twenty. This was when Kitsune finally asked him to move her to his ship. She'd always loved to look at the water, and she was feeling stronger with every passing month. It was time she left the house.

      Matsuda moved her and her belongings into a small room near his own cabin, and the second they were settled he took off into the sea with her watching from a window. On long nights when the sailing died down and they had little else to do, Kitsune did something she hadn't done since they were younger. She told Matsuda stories. The way Kitsune could tell a story was incredible, and had Matsuda glued to her every word. Somewhere along the way, Kitsune managed to convince Matsuda that he wasn't a half-bad storyteller himself. He began to pursue stories like he had been pursuing gold, and for exactly the same reason; maybe one day either one would help Kitsune to get better.

      Matsuda began to take fewer and fewer missions, despite his promotion to Jounin near his 21st birthday. He took to the sea more and more often, now that the one thing that tied him to the land was living on his boat. In his travels he came across many a story to tell, even making a few of his own. He made plenty of enemies, and a number of allies -- including one who taught him how to summon fish -- and more gold than he'd ever expected. This was primarily done through banditry on the seas, or as it is more commonly called Piracy. And this brings us to the present, 23 and feeling older than ever, waiting for the next story and the next opportunity to find himself a new treasure trove.

      In his travels he came upon a small pocket of true Kohei Smiths, those that had retained their abilities and kept the traditions alive. He spent three years training with them and learning of the past that he had never known, because his parents had never known. In those three years he was taught everything he needed to know, much faster than if he had been taught from birth. Still, he needed to practice, so upon returning to Kirigakure he found the nearest forge and set up a deal with the smith so that, on the smith's off days, Matsuda could practice with his forge. He's been doing so since.

      Roleplay Sample:

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    Re: Matsuda Kohei

    Post by Eki Gisou on Tue Oct 30, 2012 4:56 pm

    I see no immediate problems with this.

    You will have to allot me some time to discuss the boat with Revy or Nocturne however, as I'm unsure of quite how to classify it, and whether or not it will cost you any Ryo.

    This however, is Approved and Moved.

    A name colour change and Ryo will be assigned shortly.


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    Re: Matsuda Kohei

    Post by Echo on Wed Oct 31, 2012 7:34 pm

    Unapproved for a moment.

    Czech, if you're who i think you are, it's either Kage or Jounin. You cant have both right off the start.


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    Re: Matsuda Kohei

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