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    An ANBU Break [Training/WIP]

    MG Ark
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    An ANBU Break [Training/WIP]

    Post by MG Ark on Thu Nov 01, 2012 5:28 pm

    Name: Kikaichu Substitution
    Rank: D
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Hand Seals: Ox, Boar
    Element: N/A
    Description:The Aburame creates a mental and chakra link with an insect from his own body before a situation in which the jutsu could be used using the Ox handseal. Upon activation of the technique with the Boar handseal the Aburame will transport [50 meters max] away using the chakra from the insect and filling the rest with his own chakra drawing the life out of the insect as well. [Note this is basically substitution technique but Aburamified.]

    The above Technique is D rank and due to Artisan status in Ninjutsu this technique is learned free and without training required.

    Name: Alteration Sealing Technique
    Rank: C
    Type: Fuuinjutsu
    Hand Seals: Snake
    Element: N/A
    Description:The ninja expels chakra from a part of his body after performing his handseal that will latch onto something via a touch by the ninja using this technique and prevent it from changing form or altering their physical form via chakra, or at the very least slow the process down, but causes no damage or other harmful effects. This also cannot be used as a way to transfer chakra from the user to another being.

    Ark had a pretty solid understanding of what he wanted to accomplish in this session of training. New technique in the newly discovered art, at least newly discovered by MG Ark, the masterful uses of the great Fuuinjutsu category. It gave him great joy to be learning such high class things as this and even greater joy to be creating his own useful versions of it. Customization and application to any situation. That was the motive and the directive of the Anbu Black Ops unit of Konohagakure ever since he had taken control of the Konoha Military Units. Black Ops being the one that had favored the most due to his own being the leader of the Black Ops division and coming from the Black Ops division. IN ANY CASE Ark had a technique to learn/master and being a leader only a limited amount of time in which he could spend out in the woods mastering fuuinjutsu techniques that may or may not ever come in handy but worth it on the off chance that it ever did. So MG Ark sat his ass down on a log and spawned forth a bunshin. E rank Bunshin, who then performed the E rank technique of transformation. It was basic ninjutsu and so it wouldn't be so hard to interrupt. However as Ark had his clone perform transformation he snuck by and in a Hyuuga-ish manner placed his index finger within milimeters of the clone's chest before bouncing back as if backing up to dodge an incoming attack. When the clone then tried to transform Ark controlled his chakra via the snake handseal to disrupt the flow of chakra change thus causing nothing to happen during the technique and the clone to vanish due to over-use of chakra. Ark had done it. Mission Complete.

    [303 words-220 Required for artisan level training of C Rank Fuuinjutsu]

    Name: Chakra Orb Fusion Sealing
    Rank: A
    Type: Fuuinjutsu
    Hand Seals: Ox, Boar, Rabbit, Snake, Dragon
    Element: N/A
    Description: The ninja will place both hands, open palm style, into the air after performing the handseals. The ninja will then transfer chakra into the air itself and leave a circular shape behind causing massive chakra drain. Following this, the orb will remain in the air until other forms of chakra, not coming from it's user, encounter it. The orb will then open up and create a vacuum for a limited period of time, only a few seconds, that will absorb the chakra and only absorb or effect chakra. If the chakra being absorbed has been transferred into the elemental type and shares the elemental type of the creator of this fuuinjutsu the power is increased to some level between A and S due to familiarity with the chakra type by the user of this technique.

    During the time MG Ark had invaded/spied on Kirigakure with moderate but not by any means absolute success had decided that it was the fault of his defense rather than his ability. He had been able to get into the nation and map it out to a moderate degree mentally, having walked the paths of Kirigakure and stalked along the ways of the village. Stood atop the largest building adorned with Mist adequecies and genius with a palace style that could only belong to the village leader, The Mizukage. Infiltrated the building but in the end fled before a mass of ninja that had come to stop him due to intelligence that it was unknown they were in possession of. Intellectual raw data on Aburame style insects, it was an unfortunate event the say the least but more so that he was unable to fully complete his mission for the Hokage. So he decided he needed to work on defense... and what was the best defense? Nullification of offense which could only be done in the ninja world via the sealing of offensive properties or abilities. It just so happened this ninja MG Ark was pretty damn competent with the newly researched, by him of course, process of Fuuinjutsu AKA sealing ninjutsu AKA the ultimate defensive ability that chakra could./would EVER PERFORM. Thus came the birth of the idea for Ark's new custom defensive fuuinjutsu technique. The fusion chakra absorbtion. It had some work to be done but the principle would be there and had already formed in his mind. A fuuinjutsu that created a funnel that would absorb chakra into itself and transport it as it absorbed and defended against it unto the netherworld.

    The process of the technique was now being worked out in the mind of MG Ark. It would have to use his own chakra as a catalyst but he didn't want it to be a shield but more of a turret that defeated enemy ninjutsu. In order for it to be a turret though it would require a change in chakra form which was incredibly difficult to maintain. However being an S class ANBU Black Ops member and leader of Konoha's military it was his duty to prove that he could master any technique and was the best ninja that anyone could possibly least in the Konoha setting.


    Mission Roster:
    Character App:
    Kunai X 5
    Shuriken X 5
    Explosive Tag X 2
    Ninja Wire X 30 Meters

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