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    Post by Daedalus on Sat Nov 03, 2012 6:59 pm

    Today was the day.

    Mokushi Buraindo had been recently assigned to a new team, his last having had... issues. As such, bright and early as always, the genin had rolled out of bed and commenced his morning routine. Raw eggs, push ups, a bit of studying, most of it was the usual shinobi dailies, though it would be an interesting sight for anyone monitoring the boy at the moment, for doing the aforementioned tasks blindly, was an entirely different game. From birth, Mokushi had been sightless, basked in a world of darkness. So now, working his way around his home by touch and feel alone, was truly something awe inspiring. Sitting at the small family table, his breakfast now ready to eat, Mokushi reached over to crack the window a bit more, it's location known to him through the scent of the fresh humid air created by the dew ridden flowers on the sill before it. Wolfing down his eggs, he revelled in their flavour, his ears meanwhile listening to the to and fro of the street below, picking out sounds as distinct as exactly twelve Ryo being placed upon the oaken surface of a merchant stand, which must have been supported by six rather than four legs given the slight deadening of the coins metallic bounce. Judging by the decibels of the noise, it was probably a half-block away, north that is. Mokushi smiled after a sip of his orange juice. He still had it, that was certain. Every instance in his life became a ritual of detection ever since he had learned to properly control his senses. Today, he'd put them to the test once again.

    Roughly forty minutes and a few more menial tasks later, Mokushi strolled onto the training grounds. He was early, the first one there as far as he could tell. The clearing was absolutely silent, and upon sniffing the air, there were no scents out of place. Even the cool breeze across his skin felt irregular as natural wind should, there was no movement in the clearing. Well, besides that squirrel sitting statue still and eyeing him from the seventh branch up on the left side of the twenty-eighth tree from the right of the clearing's entrance, two trees deep.

    But that was of little consequence.

    Leaning against the nearest elm, Mokushi produced his flute from a fold in his flak jacket, designed to hold the instrument safely and securely. Deciding to kill time while waiting for the other members, he brought the opening to his lips, and closing his eyes, began to play. The serene notes stretched off into the distance, and in their reverberations, Mokushi could see everything. Fifty yards, in all directions, after that, the sound waves started to get a little muddy, but within it, each tree, squirrel, bug and flower were his to behold. He was early, and didn't mind having to wait given this perspective on things. Besides, it was the ninja who planned ahead, that would be the victor. A good practice to have.

    When the rest of his team would arrive, it would appear as if Mokushi had changed locations, sitting atop a fallen limb of wood, one leg crossed over the other. he had a feeling his sensei was smarted than to fall for this, but was banking on the fact that his new teacher, given he noticed, would take this opportunity to teach his other students. A very specific lesson it would be;

    What you don't know, can seriously hurt you.


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