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    Togiri (W.I.P)

    Post by Sterling Hyuuga on Wed Jun 30, 2010 12:54 pm

    ~General Information~

    Name: Togiri

    Nickname/Alias: N/A

    Weight: 210 lbs

    Height: 6'1

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Togiri is 20 years old but his actual appearance is that of a 16 or 18 year old being mistaken for a young man most of the time by others. His skin very smooth and soft as well as being extremely muscular his muscles being able to surpass the muscle size and strength of a normal human. His Pecks extend about 4 inches from his chest his abs very defined a row of four muscles with two in each. His arms and legs are also larger then normal all of the muscles on his arms and legs being highly defined. He has very long spiked hair that stretches down his backside all the way to his buttocks the front being very spikey with mutle spikes only about two to six inches and length but as his hair goes further down his back the size of the spikes increase to about five to eight inches in length. He has baby blue eyes that seem to sparkle anytime anyone says anything about fighting.

    Togiris body is also covered in mutiple large scars from his intense training. The most noticeable scar is a large downward gash that goes from his hair line down to the corner of his lip. His back s also covered in multiple scars that look like they had to have come from a sword or knife of some type. most of the scars make a X's on his back making about seven of them but the ones on his chest look much like animal markings three on each of his pecks in a row look almost like he had been scratched some type of animal. He also has scars spread all about his arms and legs that bring back the worst memories and prefers to keep them covered.

    Clothing: Togiri prefers to wear cloths that are very loose and flow in the wind. His prefer outfit is one of a kung fu master being black on the sleeves and pant legs with a white dragon going down the right leg and a white belt around the torso. The chest of the outfit is also black with a white fist on the back of it. He wears long sleeves that stretch to his wrists and pants that go down to his ankles. He wears wooden sandals much like a samurai does and prefers them over other shoes because of their light weight. The close are rather short but are loose and seem rather baggy on his body.

    Additional Outfits: N/A

    Personality: Just like all others in his clan togiri was trained to be an emotionless weapon. He cares about no one but himself always doing what ever takes to win a fight. He lives to fight and that is all the ever wants to do talking is never somethign that interested him unless it had to do with fighting ot practicing. He is forced to put on the facade that he is a nice person around the villagers and the mizukage, He has the emotions but the founder of the clan felt that being one with emotions makes you weak and the only thing that was important was winning the fight. He shows his enemies no mercy in battle quickly killing them no matter how much they beg which is why he is not allowed to train those in the village because his brutal training style is only good for the fellow members of his clan.

    ~Clan Information~

    Clan Name: Shattered Souls

    Kekei Genkai: This clan excels in the abilities to fight at a close range with amazing strength and speed. The speed and strength increase comes from the chakra flowing through their muscles instead of being in its own chakra circulatory system which means they can preform bone breaking punches and can run two times faster then other ninjas but due to the chakra flowing through the muscles of ninja he cannnot preform jutsu of any type besides taijutsu or their specially crafted jutsu types. The clan members are forced to begin training at around the age 5 and forced to learn to use their abilities and are trained by being stabbed with weapons and constantly hurt making their skin much tougher then others and being constantly punched and kicked using hits that are stronger then a normal ninjas but not enough to break bones to teach them how to take hits without flinching or making any movements at all. This training naturally makes the ninjas aggressive and cold hearted. The members of this clan are basically empty shells of people who are willing to do anything to win a fight even if it means killing themselves in the process.

    kyouakushurajtusu which translates to brutal fighting technique

    The members of this clan learn a form of fighting aside of taijutsu called kyouakushurajtusu. This fighting style is different form normal taiijutsu it is a fighting style that involves using anything within range like rocks and picking up dirt to throw in the enemies eyes and they have no rules in fighting doing whatever it takes to win a fight. Most of the techniques in this fighting style use poisons or explosives of some type to cause much more damage and normal to the enemy while at the same time not harming them due to their thick skin. This technique is also a more advanced version of taijutsu because it is attacks that no other ninja is able to preform besides those that are in the clan that have been through this intense and unique training.

    Clan Symbol: N/A

    Clan History: The clan first started with a man by the name of jin chuan. A man who was born without a chakra circulatory system and chakra flowing through his muscles instead. He had no idea that his chakra was flowing through his muscles but did know that he could not preform and jutsu that involves molding chakra. He instead trained constantly in taijutsu and increasing his strength and speed and he was always more advanced then any of the other ninjas that could mold their chakra but thought it was due to only training in that jutsu type but he later found out in a fight with hyuuga that he did not have a chakra circulatory system and had his chakra flowing through his muscles. Finding this out he began to train focusing to allow his chakra to flow into a limb to cause much larger damage to his target then before this method also allowing him to run much faster.

    After mastering his abilities Jin moved onto training that involved fighting without morals. He felt that since he was unable to do what most ninja could do he would level the playing field by arming himself with explosives poisonous needles and many other things to use on enemies along with doing what ever he had to so that he could win like destroying a building someone was trying to protect to leave them open for an attack. This allowed him to become an amazing fighting because he cared about no one but himself and trying to win becoming a world re-known taijutsu user and his own fighting style he developed called kyouakushurajtusu. People were begging them to teach them how to fight like he could but the main factor that made him so much stronger then others was his lack of a chakra circulatory system and also the style he had created himself and perfected.

    The years passed and jin began to grow old many people question if he would was going to marry and continue his legacy by teaching a child his same techniques. He did marry at the age of 30 having a child that very same year the lack of a chakra circulatory system proving to be a dominant trait and guaranteed whenever a member of this clan has children. The child was a boy someone who jin would be able to train to be the next to carry on the legacy and be an amazing fighting which he named after himself. He began to train the child at 5 teaching him how to control the ckara in his muscles to allow him to increase his strength and speed to a superhuman level. This allowed him to master the special techniques and the ability to control his strength and speed much sooner then his father had the child being very skilled with the techniques already by the age of 15. Jin had also been stabbing and hitting the child as a part of his training to make his skin tought and his body durable which eh started around the age of 9 but jin passed away when his son was only around age 15 telling him that he would be the next prodigy and he would have to continue on and create a clan of amazing fighters.

    The young jin did just as his father asked having children much younger then he around the age of 24 training them just as he was trained to be amazing fighters the techniques and training passing form generation to generation each time becoming more harsh but creating stronger and more skilled fighters but it was also causing the clan to become less sane and more of a weapon of war which is what the clan is used for in most cases currently as they are not considered humans anymore but war machines.

    Ability Summary: Enhanced strength and speed, kyouakushurajtusu

    ~Rank/Village Information~

    Classification: S

    Letter Rank: Sannin

    Village: Mist Village

    ~Skill Information~

    Skill Specialty:

    • Main: kyouakushurajtusu
    • Sub: taijutsu

    Elemental Affinity:

    • Main: fire
    • Main: wind
    • Sub: poison

    Special Characteristics:



    ~History/RP Sample~

    History/Background Story:

    Roleplay Sample:

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